7 Ways A Recruiter Can Transform Your Job Search

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7 Ways A Recruiter Can Transform Your Job Search

  • March 30th, 2016
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Are you a jobseeker? In this moment, you have a chance to point your life in the direction you’ve always wanted. Midlife career change? Looking to advance? Or simply craving change. Whatever your motivations may be for searching out new employment, you may not realise the enormous benefits you could receive if you choose to work with a professional recruiter.

Not convinced? Take a look at these 7 ways a recruiter can transform your job search.

1. First (and sometimes exclusive) access to open roles

Recruiters are ultimately on the inside. This gives them the unique ability to assist both clients and candidates, which means they are intimately connected and vastly important in the hiring process. Often, recruiters are not only the first to hear about job openings, they may be privy to open roles that are not even public knowledge. This can work tremendously to your advantage.

2. Years of career guidance experience

Even a particularly savvy jobseeker will pale in comparison with the years of skills and insight accumulated by a recruitment professional. The benefit of this knowledge can’t be denied, and it will serve as an invaluable resource when it comes to not only helping you find the right positions to apply for, but in guiding you as you move forward on your career path.

3. Strong connections with employers

Because recruiters are the “middle man” in a hiring situation, they have longstanding relationships with their business clients. These employers may have worked with your recruitment agency for many years and have developed trust, camaraderie, and a positive opinion of the agency. This will all work in your favour as your own connection with the recruiter can subtly give you an edge.

4. Higher consideration given to familiar candidates

One reason employers like to work with recruitment agencies is that this saves them time. Most recruiters handle the initial interview processes and checking of references, which means by the time a candidate meets with an employer, they’ve already been fully vetted. When you land such an interview, it means you’ve made it pretty far and you’ve already got votes in your favour. This will transform your job search and ensure any interviews you take have genuine potential.

5. Less time, less stress

Poring over job boards, sending out resumes, and following up with employers: all of these activities take time, but they are a necessary part of a successful job search. However, working with a recruiter allows you to spend far less time focusing on these aspects, as the agency handles most of this for you. And at a place like On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire, our services for jobseekers are completely free.

6. Long-lasting results

The goal of a recruiter is to find employment solutions that are successful for all parties involved. This means that the majority of “matches” a recruiter makes will be with an eye towards the long-term. A position secured through working with a recruitment agency may be much more likely to turn into a longstanding employment relationship.

7. Valuable insight into potential employers

Intimate knowledge of their employer clients not only provides recruiters with first access to open jobs, but also affords them a greater understanding of each client’s unique needs and desires. This means they can give you the right pointers to show off the skills a potential employer will find most attractive. For you, this is a big win.

Considering working with a top recruitment agency? We’d love to get to know you. Get in touch with our team ASAP at On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire and you’ll soon discover how we can transform your job search for the better.

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