A Look Back with On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire

A Look Back with On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire

A Look Back with On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire

  • May 06th, 2015
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For over 15 years, On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire has been serving clients and candidates alike in our region of Australia and beyond. We’re very proud of the work we’ve accomplished, and like to believe we had a hand in building the Shoalhaven. Our growth has been tremendous over the past decade and a half and we look forward to future success for many years to come. Today, we take a look back.

In 1999, Norman Mogg (On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire’s Director) owned and managed a company known as Fine Line Painting. Contracted to paint a large project in Muswellbrook NSW, Norm and his team found they were faced with new territory, working with open cut mine facilities, and would need a much larger staff to complete this job and others efficiently and successfully. Additional painters and workers would be required to maintain the peak workloads. For the first time, Norm and his company engaged a local recruitment/labour hire agency to assist with these unique staffing needs. Such a concept was a totally new experience for Norm, and one that left its mark. Before the project was even finished, he had decided to start his own recruitment and labour hire company, targeted at businesses that experience the need for additional workers at peak times. Sensing a need in the community, Norm established this business in Nowra.

It took more than a year into the new venture to see real progress. As with any business journey, there was a steep learning curve. Norm was still running Fine Line Painting and through word of mouth connections with contacts in the building industry, momentum gathered. This was an exciting step forward, paving the way for the future and essentially guided what we do now at On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire. The rapidly burgeoning business joined the local radio stations new “answer program” for advertising and branding and this quickly generated further interest as to what we could do for local business and employees looking for work. On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire became the first local recruitment company in the Shoalhaven—a family owned and operated business then and still today.

In 2015, we currently connect between 60-100 potential employees to host companies on a weekly basis. We have clients both locally and nationally, and our candidate database has as many as 7000 skilled workers at a given time.

Since getting off the ground in 1999, we’ve played an integral role in several major Shoalhaven projects. In 2007, Indian company Biltube contacted On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire to assist in a major project: the removal and packing for transport of the no. two paper mill machine from Bomaderry Paper Mill for shipment to India. This was a significant undertaking requiring a broad range of skills and a number of short-term workers. We employed 35 staff for a period of 6 months to complete the project. The roles required included site supervisor, electrical engineers, electricians, plumbers, boilermakers, riggers, labourers, fabricators, container loaders, and OH&S manager. All of these skilled workers were recruited and employed directly by our company.

Other major regional projects we’ve recruited for include civil construction projects such as Trunk Road 92 stages 1 to 3, the South Nowra upgrade, the Termeil upgrade; defence work construction projects such as the Leap 2 project in HMAS Albatross, Wagga Base, Bandiana Base, MH60 HMAS Albatross, Sikorsky Technology Park Nowra; and local government construction with the Shoalhaven entertainment centre, Shoalhaven hospital, and several schools associated with the BER scheme. All of the above constructions required skilled tradesmen and labourers, sourced and hired by On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire.

Today, we have an internal staff of 2 recruiters, a business development manager, a recruitment assistant, a payroll officer and an accounts officer. We have numerous repeat clients and welcome new clients weekly to our office. We’re very proud of what we’ve accomplished in these 15 years, and look forward to many more serving our beloved Shoalhaven and beyond.

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