The Advantages of Flexible Working

The Advantages of Flexible Working

The Advantages of Flexible Working

  • February 27th, 2017
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The Advantages of Flexible Working

Flexible work. What does it look like? From employees who choose their own hours, to jobs with the potential to work from home, to full time remote employment—these are a few of the key options in the realm of flexible work. As an employer, you might be more hesitant when it comes to this concept. At first glance, it can seem that a schedule with too few restrictions is a recipe for lost productivity. But is this the reality? You just may discover that flexible working actually presents a number of viable advantages. Read on and see if this approach could revolutionise your business.


Working From a Distance

Remote work: it may be all the rage in some circles and with plenty of good reason. While it doesn’t make sense for every business or job role, the advent of mobile technology and web-based applications makes it easier than ever for some positions to be fully location-independent. As an employer, hiring remote team members could save you on costs for office space, supplies, and more. If you employ individuals in different time zones, you could even increase your company’s hours of operation, creating more availability for customer service or inquiries. Read more here: Are Remote Workers Right for You?


Setting Their Own Schedules

Flexible hours can be a great way to give your employees some control over their own daily and weekly schedule. This type of approach will be different depending on each business. Some organisations need their team to be at work for a highly specific time frame. Others offer more leniency time-wise. But both types can benefit from flexible scheduling.


You could allow your employees to start and finish when it suits them best, provided they complete a set number of hours daily or weekly. Other arrangements may provide for “compressed workweeks” such as four 10-hour workdays in a week or 9 days of work every two weeks. Still other companies allow for some “from-home” work. You might need to experiment a bit (and chat with your employees) to discover what options would be of maximum benefit.


Happy Employees are Better Employees

At the end of the day, the primary advantage of flexible working opportunities is the positive benefit it offers to your team members. Everyone loves to have a bit of freedom in their lifestyle, and working the hours that best suit one’s needs can be remarkably energising and motivating. This is excellent news for the employer. Employees who are happy with their work arrangement and feel a sense of agency in planning their own schedule routinely produce better results, work more efficiently, and demonstrate overall improved performance. In so many ways, flexible workers can be the very best employees.


Other Benefits of Flexible Working

It’s not just happier, more productive employees that result from flexibility in working; your business will also reap the rewards in other ways. Staggered scheduling—when your staff members start and finish at various hours—could help expand your overall business operating hours. Instead of all hands on deck, the workplace becomes more shift-based, but this means there’s always someone around the deal with any issues. The rotating aspect of the schedule also can be a big boost to creativity as ideas flow in at various times. Plus, flexibility means employees can have more opportunity to actually get the work done. Took an emergency sick day? Flexible scheduling means your team member can still get in the extra hours he or she needs, if desired.


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