Stop Looking for This, Start Looking for That – Advice for Hiring Managers


Stop Looking for This, Start Looking for That – Advice for Hiring Managers

  • June 07th, 2017
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There’s a lot of information out there on “how to hire” and “who to hire.” At first glance, this advice can seem conflicting. For every recruitment pro who suggests hiring one way, there’s ten more who advocate another. How do you know what wisdom to listen to?

While every candidate is different, and while every job situation and role is very different, here at On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire, we’ve found several ideas often hold true. In many situations, it is always better to hire the person who shows more promise. In short, what looks good on paper (ie. in a CV) doesn’t always translate to the real world or the workplace. When looking for your next hires, why not try out the following tips?

Don’t look for skills, look for attitude

Hiring managers are used to scanning resumes for lists of hard skills. In many roles, these can’t be overlooked. A web developer, for instance, must have significant computer skills. This is non-negotiable. But it’s always wise to remember that no candidate is the perfect candidate. Beyond the “must-have” skills, you shouldn’t continue looking for other skills, but instead, search for the right attitude.

Skills are important. They show what a candidate can currently do and where their knowledge lies. Yet attitude may be even more important. For those who don’t yet possess the needed skills, the right attitude indicates that they will work hard to learn them. A positive attitude suggest a trend toward growth and improvement, and it also indicates that an individual is likely to be a hard worker and team player. Skills are vital, but skills can be learned. A strong attitude is something that a candidate is already equipped with—and it will make a huge difference.

Don’t hire for talent, hire for work ethic

While skills can be learned and acquired, it can be argued that talent cannot. But again, this is secondary. Talent is generally natural and suggests an organic strength and prowess. Talent is wonderful, but it never outstrips work ethic. The most talented individual in the world will only go as far as their work ethic takes them. This is why so many success stories are from those who do not possess any extraordinary talent, but are in possession of an incredible perseverance and have worked the hardest. If you sense a solid work ethic in a potential employee, this is a good indicator that they will be an invaluable addition to your team. In some cases, pass on the talent. Choose the candidate with the undeniable work ethic.

Don’t look for experience, look for ambition

Lastly, you may seek to hire those with the greatest amount of experience. This makes logical sense, as those candidates who have prior work experience in the field are typically better prepared for their new role. Yet this too is a factor which can be complicated. Experience is irrelevant when compared with an individual who makes valuable contributions to the workplace.

A good way to sort out these candidates is to inquire about the impact they’ve had in their previous roles, as well as their goals and ambitions for the future. Candidates who lack experience may still have been excellent team players who made real difference in their past work. This demonstrates initiative. Asking about their future goals also helps you discern their level of ambition. Ambition, like work ethic and attitude, sends an otherwise “average” employee much further than their peers.

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