7 Ways to Be More Productive at Work


7 Ways to Be More Productive at Work

  • January 05th, 2016
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With a fresh, new year upon us, many have taken up the charge to set resolutions for the coming twelve months. Whether you hope to make strides in your personal or professional life, there is a nearly-universal desire shared among people to get more done. This year, don’t you want to be more productive?

Why is it that there are hundreds of books written devoted to the subject of productivity? Simply put, it is something that nearly all people struggle with, and particularly in the career world.

If you’re a professional aiming to shine at your current role, a jobseeker on the hunt for the position that will allow you to thrive, or a business owner or manager hoping to motivate your employees to have a productive, achievement-full year, this post is for you. As we look forward, let’s examine 7 simple ways you can find more productivity in the workplace.

1. Focus on the big picture.

One of the enemies of productivity is overwhelm. When you have a to-do list filled with endless odds and ends, it is harder to keep your eye on what really matters. As a business leader or career professional, remind yourself daily what it is you are working for and what steps you can take that will bring you closer to your goal.

2. Pick fewer daily goals.

Surprisingly, employees are more productive when they have less to get done. Dozens of tasks can cause less-focused work as you hurry to complete your daily list. Yet when there are fewer, achievable goals to strive for, people tend to be much more thorough and produce better quality work (and at a faster rate!).

3. Provide tangible incentives.

This is a useful productivity tip whether you are supervising and leading others or simply responsible for your own results. Having incentives and rewards for completed projects or quotas reached is an excellent motivational tool, and can even foster healthy competition. Even if you are setting your own rewards, achieving them will generate a great feeling of accomplishment.

4. Hold yourself accountable.

One optimal method that has been shown to improve productivity is to have accountability for your work. When you know someone else is watching out for you or dependent upon you, it is easier to pay attention to quality and efficiency. There are various ways to practice accountability, whether through weekly meetings, daily email check-ins, or simply by communicating with a close colleague.

5. Give new methods a try.

If you’re seeking to improve personal productivity or productivity in the workplace, it is likely because something you’ve tried in the past hasn’t worked. Don’t cling to those old methods. Instead, try a new approach, even if it feels unfamiliar or unusual. You never know what creative methods will help you to be your most prolific.

6. Limit technological distractions.

Technological advancements have helped every industry be more productive overall, yet it is that same technology which can prove so distracting to us as individuals. To be more productive as a professional, considering limiting the time spent using technology. You might also plan ahead and choose select times for certain tasks, such as opening emails only first thing in the morning and last thing before heading home in the evening. This can prevent the urge to constantly check your messages and respond immediately.

7. Use the right collaborative technology.

Of course, technology has also developed to help our personal professional productivity in the workplace. If you are a business leader, you’ll want to research some of today’s most popular applications and programs which utilise the Internet and other connectivity to make your organisation far more effective and efficient. Such tools give your employees the chance to communicate easily and instantly, or even share valuable documents with the click of a button.

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