Projects That Could Benefit from Labour Hire


Projects That Could Benefit from Labour Hire

  • September 25th, 2015
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No matter your industry, you may find that there are tremendous benefits that go along with using a labour hire company for your employment needs. From providing the best in available, highly-skilled candidates to handling the administrative details so you don’t have to, labour hire is a great solution for hiring project team members. The majority of organisations utilising labour hire are in fields such as construction, but there are other ways labour hire can be beneficial that you may not have considered. Read on to discover if your business should consider labour hire for your next project.

Why Labour Hire

Labour hire can be effective for a vast range of projects. More and more businesses and organisations are discovering that full-time employees are not the only option for hiring staff (and may not be ideal for their particular company.)

Construction tends to have a peak season, but so do many other fields such as transport, agriculture, warehousing, hospitality, and landscaping.
Yet it can be unnecessary to hire employees year-round for a single high season or for short-term projects. Enter labour hire!

Not Just for Construction

Labour hire enables highly-skilled workers (especially those who often specialise in an industry or discipline) to be matched with their most ideal jobs. Machinist, team leader, general inventory controller, carpenter, retail manager, mechanic, concrete finisher, plumber, customer service representative (particularly in certain fields), welder, electrician: these are just a small sample of open positions to be found in the labour hire world.

Projects such as major inventory, landscape redesign, renovation of water or electrical systems, grand opening (or re-opening), special events, renovations, and much more can all get great results from using labour hire.

No matter what your business focuses on, nearly any short term project need can be suitable for a labour hire situation. All that matters is finding the right candidates with the precise skills you need. A labourer can be employed for the duration of your project or for the short amount of time that their knowledge and expertise is needed.

On Line Recruitment Specialises in Labour Hire

People are our business. With many years pairing exceptional candidates with open projects, we’ve gained incomparable experience sourcing the right people for the right jobs.

Labour hire allows your organisation the flexibility and freedom you need for success.

Project needs and length are not always predictable. But instead of needing to bring on an employee for the uncertain length of a project, labour hire enables companies to use a skilled worker precisely for the time they are needed.

We match the best applicants with the right employers, provide induction, and get labourers on the job quickly and with full preparation. Not only that, but we handle all administrative and payroll duties. This frees up your team to focus solely on the project at hand, which means a better outcome for you.
On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire has provided long and short term labour for numerous companies, resulting in project success and client satisfaction. Thousands of Australian businesses are already using labour hire for their business needs. For your upcoming project, why not give labour hire a try? Get in touch with us today for more information.

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