Benefits of Temporary Staffing

Benefits of Temporary Staffing

Benefits of Temporary Staffing

  • February 01st, 2017
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Benefits of Temporary Staffing

When you’re looking for the best employees to work for your business, a recruitment agency can be a major help. Here at On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire, we offer recruitment options of all kinds, with the aim of sourcing the top candidates for your business. For long-term or permanent recruitment, more extensive searches and vetting processes are put into play. But not all organisations are seeking new permanent employees. For these, short-term and temporary hire can be a valuable possibility, with exceptional talent available. In fact, temporary staffing, including labour hire, is one of our most frequently used services. We specialise in finding the right solutions to your employment needs, whatever they may entail. If you haven’t given real thought to short-term recruitment options, let’s take a look at some of the terrific benefits of temporary staffing.

Account for Business Fluctuations

In an ideal world, you’d know exactly how business would proceed for the next several years, with no surprises. But this is not reality. Instead, businesses can predict and plan, but there are frequently shifts and transitions that must be dealt with. These highs and lows in business are natural, and are an essential part of growth. Utilising temporary staffing is an excellent way to support your business. This type of employment accounts for those expected (and unexpected) business fluctuations. Busy season? Hire a few additional employees to help you maximise your sales and productivity. Considering adding a new position for future expansion? A short-term hire can allow you to test out the potential for such a role, while ensuring you can tweak and adjust as necessary, and not committing you to the change for the long term.

Supply & Demand for Your Project Needs

Many businesses have irregular scheduling patterns, or work on projects of varying structure and length. Tasks may look different from day to day, with plenty of flexibility required. For those types of businesses, labour hire can be a perfect solution. Labour hire is a type of temporary employment focusing on skilled workers, particularly those in specific industries or trades. Your project may require the talents of a specialist labourer, but their skills may be needed for only a few days (or sporadically over time). Labour hire is ideally suited to these situations. With our agency’s candidate database, you can be supplied quickly with exceptional workers who have the exact skills you need. These candidates are seeking flexible work, so are fully prepared to assist you on your project as needed. Labour hire also has the added benefit of reduced administrative details. Your labour hire workers are directly employed by us and we handle all the paperwork.

A Trial-Run for More Permanent Placement

Maybe you’re hoping to hire a new staff member, but you are a bit hesitant or wary. Perhaps you’ve had significant problems with this position in the past. Short term recruitment can allow you to hire temporary employees to provide a trial period of sorts. This can also be valuable if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for and don’t mind training or trialling several different candidates.


Of course, if you’re seeking a serious addition to your team, permanent recruitment is the way to go. Our recruiters will locate the very best candidates who match your requirements and we even have a recruitment guarantee if the placement proves unsuccessful.


Not sure if you need permanent or temporary staffing?


Let’s discuss your needs and show you how an agency like On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire can simplify your employment processes.

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