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First Day At A New Job: 3 Tips

Are you starting a new job in the new year? Feeling excited? Scared? It’s perfectly normal to experience a mix of emotions when embarking on a new position or new career path. Starting in a new role is never easy and first-day jitters can strike ev...

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Skills to Add to Your Resume

7 Skills You Might Be Forgetting to Add to Your Resume

Your resume or CV is a big deal when it comes to the job search. On this document is contained your work history, employment references, and your skills and experiences, listed neatly for potential employers to see. If you’re like most candidates, ...

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job in nowra

The Best Ways to Look for a Job in Nowra

Job hunting is time consuming, so it’s important to maximise your time by choosing the most effective methods. Find out some of the most effective methods of securing a job in the the Shoalhaven.

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Why You Didn’t Get the Job – A Guide for Job Seekers

You're a Job Seeker. A company liked your resume and set up an interview. You attended the interview, and thought it went well. But a few days or weeks later, you’ve been told that another candidate has been chosen. What happened?

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