Recruitment Process

successful induction

7 Tips for a Successful Induction

As a smart and savvy organisation, you’ve put time and effort into sourcing and selecting the very best new hires for your business. Perhaps you’ve utilised the effective, professional services of On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire in finding th...

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Recruiter Confidentiality

Recruiter Confidentiality : What You Need To Know

Resume privacy is a growing concern and a hot topic of discussion here at On Line Recruitment. Resumes are a confidential document containing detailed information about their owner, so it goes without saying that they should be treated with the care ...

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Panel Interviews or Individual Interviews

Panel Interviews or Individual Interviews: Which Is Better?

Every business is different. So too are the positions you advertise for and the candidates you attract. Therefore, there is no one-size-fits-all formula for interviewing potential new employees. Interviews may take many forms including:

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pre-employment tests

Pre-Employment Tests Explained (and some tips to prepare!)

It today’s competitive job market it is becoming more and more common for job applicants to be asked to sit a pre-employment test before moving forward to the interview stage. Depending on the job, these tests can assess a range of characteristics ...

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