What is Company Culture, and How Do I Build It?

What is Company Culture, and How Do I Build It

What is Company Culture, and How Do I Build It?

  • February 09th, 2017
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What is Company Culture, and How Do I Build It?

Over the past few years, the term “company culture” has started to float around amongst leaders in the business world. But what does it mean? And do you need it?

It turns out company culture is less complicated than you might initially think. At its most basic level, company (or corporate) culture refers to the overall environment of a workplace, including its values, mission, style, and more. Culture indicates where the work itself ends and where other aspects of the workplace atmosphere begin. You do need a strong and positive company culture, because it can have a massive impact on your business. A positive company culture is a space in which employees feel comfortable sharing their ideas and opinions and where they know their work is valued. When you achieve the right company culture for your business the resulting employee engagement, satisfaction, and productivity all rise as a result. In for a business? This means increased sales and profits, better customer service, and an endless array of additional benefits.

So where do you start?

Focus on People

Studies show time and again that happy employees are the best employees. Working more efficiently and productively, staff members who enjoy coming to work everyday not only help keep the business moving along, but contribute even further than is expected of them. Company culture is inherently built on people. Perhaps most importantly, company culture refers to a sense of belonging for your employees. Feeling part of the culture is something which allows your team to do their best collaborative work. The key to building an attractive, enviable place to work is to focus on your people. Listen to what they want and what they need. Find out what makes them comfortable. Reward their contributions and discover ways to foster individual growth and confidence. This information can influence the ways you structure your company, the benefits and rewards you offer, and even the way you set up your office space. Determine the best ways to maximise your team’s creativity and sense of purpose, and you’ll find that this focus on people makes an amazing difference.

Have a Clear Vision

Your goal as an employer should be to create an organisation that has a clear purpose and distinct goals. You need vision. Without this, it’s tough to generate the kind of culture that encourages creativity and inspires action. You may know that employees enjoy a challenge. Feeling intellectually challenged and stimulated in the workplace not only keeps things interesting and exciting for your team, but provides them with tangible goals to individually and collectively strive for. This works best when the business itself has a clear sense of vision that can be shared with the entire staff. Every team member should know your organisation’s mission, goals, values, and objectives inside and out. This is the very essence of teamwork and can produce incredible outcomes for our business.

Create the Right Space

A large part of building company culture involves the space, both physical and otherwise. An open office environment says a great deal. Cubicles which chop an office into small, separate pieces also sends a message. Is discussion valued in the workplace? What about work/life balance? The physical setup and layout of your business directly connects to your priorities for your team. Which style matches your company culture?

At the same time, the non-physical space incorporates what messages superiors and management convey. Communication is everything. Is there room to speak your mind? Space to grow and change? Many companies thrive on a culture that supports open, fair communication: a space where no filters are needed and where every opinion is valued. These types of efforts can go a long way towards building a workplace that is equal parts casual and professional, where real work is being done by employees who love what they do.


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