Is it Ever Ok to Lie on Your Resume?

lie on your resume

Is it Ever Ok to Lie on Your Resume?

So you’re going in for a dream role. This is a job you’d kill to get, and you’re highly invested in landing the role.

There’s only one problem.

You don’t have the resume to match the job.

Perhaps you lack the desired experience. Maybe your education and qualifications don’t fully suit. Or it could be that you’re simply new to the workforce and your resume is a bit sparse. Whatever the issue may be, you’re worried that your resume isn’t going to work in your favour.

What now? Should you “fluff” your resume a bit? Is it ever ok to lie on your resume?

The answer is no.

Not only is falsifying information on your resume morally questionable, it also sets you up for a whole host of other problems down the road. Let’s take a look at why an honest resume is always the right choice.

It’s a Small World

You should never lie on your resume because of this simple truth: you will get caught. Of course, it’s also a poor practice whether you get caught or not. But the reality is that the world of work is small. You’re taking a huge risk when inventing resume details, and it’s likely that you’ll be caught out by someone who knows someone else in the industry. It’s also very easy for employers to determine whether or not your story matches up. Social media and our highly-connected society puts more information out in the open than ever before. Keeping things on the up and up is the right choice when it comes to job applications.

Your Candidate Ethics are Your Business Ethics

It’s never ok to lie on your resume because you want to be known as a person—and an employee—of integrity. You might think that a tiny white lie on your CV would not be a problem in the long run, but allowing yourself to be untruthful right from the start is a poor practice. It is far too easy to get comfortable with fabrications, and they can quickly get out of hand. Most importantly, it is wise to remember that the ethics you display as a candidate will follow you into business. If you wish to be a person of upstanding ethics, the time to begin is now.

You Could End Up in the Wrong Job

Yet another reason to always be truthful on your resume is that you could end up being hired for a job you’re not right for. If you claim to have significant programming experience and are hired as a web developer, you’ll be expected to perform. If you falsify your experience or skills from the start, you might be in for a bumpy ride. You’ll likely be quickly let go, and having a termination added to your job history is certainly not worth lying on your resume.

If you’re after a dream job, the best course of action is to go ahead and apply anyway. Even if your resume is lacking, you can make up for that with your winning attitude and your eagerness to learn. You never know what could happen in an interview, either. You may be just what an employer is looking for. So be honest. Send in that authentic resume. And cross your fingers.

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