Getting the Best out of Project Workers

Getting the Best out of Project Workers

Getting the Best out of Project Workers

  • March 23rd, 2015
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Throughout Australia, labour hire is rapidly growing in popularity, as businesses and organisations realise how effective and beneficial this type of employment is for their needs. Whether your business deals with long or short-term projects, or has frequently changing requirements, you may find labour hire to be a highly-suitable employment solution.

When sourcing and using workers through labour hire, you may be concerned about how quickly they will adapt to your business or to the project at hand. Despite their relative newness to your organisation, labour hire workers will have extensive experience working in your industry or on similar tasks. These skilled workers also have the right background to help them rapidly orient themselves in an unfamiliar environment. However, everyone needs a dash of guidance to do their best. To help your project workers be their most successful, there are a few steps you can take.

Proper Induction

It is wise to provide every employee who enters your service with an appropriate induction. While time constraints may not allow labour hire workers the same lengthy, thorough induction you might provide for a permanent staff member, you should adjust it to offer a shortened, concise version. This will present your project worker with an overview of your businesses and identify specific project needs. Not only that, but a proper induction should introduce your worker to any safety standards you have in place and let them know the correct procedures for reporting issues or for lodging concerns. As well, this induction process will familiarise the worker with the hierarchy in place at your business, so they understand who their superiors may be, and what responsibilities they hold. Essentially, a quality induction prepares your labour hire worker with a solid “lay of the land,” giving them the best possible start to their work.

Part of the Team

It’s important to ensure your project workers feel like part of the larger team in the workplace. Although such employment may be short term, it is a well-known tenet in any industry that teamwork is vital for success. You’ll want to help acclimate your worker to his new work environment, to assist him in feeling comfortable and like a necessary part of the team. Personal introductions with close team members are always advantageous. A labour hire worker should also be able to easily contact a supervisor or superior when needed. Therefore, as the business owner or project manager, you should foster and encourage open, easy communication with all of your staff. This creates the opportunity for honest dialogue and allows for problems to be resolved quicker, and any tasks or orders to be implemented more quickly. Overall, such an arrangement makes for a less stressful and more cohesive work environment.

Guidance and Checking In

To get the best out of your project workers, they should have a good knowledge of ‘why’ and ‘how’ they are contributing to the organisation or to the project. Any employee is more successful when he or she knows his specific purpose. This understanding aids in motivating a worker to give their best, and if a team is counting on them, they’ll also push themselves to not let others down. Open communication, as mentioned above, is vital for encouraging this knowledge and desire to do one’s best. Labour hire workers also appreciate when management occasionally checks in to make sure everything is going well. At On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire, we work closely with all of our recruited workers and client businesses, to assist with a smooth process and a successful outcome. Your labour hire workers can also rely on us as a source of support and guidance.

Is labour hire right for your business? If you have projects of any kind requiring skilled labourers, this may be the ideal employment solution for your needs. Contact our friendly team at On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire today to discuss our services in more detail.

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