A Good Recruiter: More than Providing Candidates

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A Good Recruiter: More than Providing Candidates

  • August 12th, 2015
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When most people think of a recruiter, they likely envision an energetic, outgoing person with a talent for sales and communication. This, in fact, describes many a recruiter. Extraverted professionals who can read people and identify excellent employment prospects make up the bulk of recruiters. But there is more to it than simply locating top candidates for available jobs. When your business or organisation works with a good recruiter, you’ll discover there are a countless number of benefits this relationship brings to your hiring process.

Understanding People

For recruiters, people are their business. Recruitment agencies deal with thousands of individuals on a daily basis, from interviewing candidates to checking references to assisting ambitious job seekers to find suitable career matches. This experience and knowledge turns a good recruiter into an insightful, attuned person who can “read” others quickly and accurately. This vital and impressive understanding of people is an enormous asset to the recruiter, allowing them to be swifter and more effective in all aspects of the recruitment process.

Taking Care of Business

For clients, a recruiter not only serves as an invaluable resource, but offers tangible support and solutions. When a recruiter assumes the role of sourcing and assessing candidates, this responsibility is taken off of the shoulders of you or your hiring manager. Your schedule opens up and you can attend to the pressing business of your work, knowing that an expert hiring professional is in control of the employment details. Identifying, interviewing, and processing hires is a lengthy and time consuming endeavour. When you leave it to a top recruiter, the benefits are felt instantaneously.

A True Resource

Hiring managers know their own organisations inside and out, this is true, but what about recruiters? An outstanding recruiter will take the time not only to get to know your business as intimately as you do, but will have the additional expertise of the industry and grasp of trends in employment. They also have connections and “inside knowledge” which gives them total access to the best candidates out there. Most importantly, it allows you, as a client, to utilise your recruiter as an invaluable resource. He or she can assist you in devising your overall hiring strategy, reacting to industry trends, and generally staying ahead of the game.

Think Long Term

When you work for a long period with a good recruiter, you’ll discover exponential results. A long-term relationship with a recruiter turns them into that amazing resource as detailed above, assisting your business in its growth trajectory. When it comes to organisational success, how could you afford not to work with an expert recruiter.

The short answer? You can’t.

Let us help you. On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire has been assisting organisations and candidates throughout Australia since 1999. Our team of recruiters will work one-on-one with your business to identify your unique needs, and then find you the best available candidates for permanent and temporary employment or labour hire. Not only that, but we go above and beyond, aiding you in devising hiring strategies and building your business successfully. Get in touch with us today and find out for yourself how advantageous working with a premier recruiter can be.

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