Creating A Great Work Environment


Creating A Great Work Environment

  • January 13th, 2016
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Employment has many facets. From sourcing and hiring the best candidates to retaining them and creating a pleasant, fulfilling place to work, it seems like the duties of the employer are never finished. But making your workplace the right environment for happy and productive employees doesn’t have to involve great effort. In fact, with the right approach, it can be very simple to build the atmosphere you’re looking for in your business.

Design a Workable, Attractive Space

The physical space of your work environment is the first place to start. This can have a tremendous positive (or negative) impact on the way business proceeds. Unless your team is working outside, you generally have options to arrange your business space in the way you see fit. Decide what tone you’d like your organisation to have and then determine ways to make it employee-friendly. Comfortable seating, natural light, open space, a connected office environment. These elements can keep business flowing smoothly and keep everyone in a better mood. Harsh, fluorescent lighting, stiff chairs, and a closed-off, divided workspace? A recipe for displeasure and lack of cooperation.

Foster Communication

A top work environment is one in which employees know that they are free to speak their minds and that their opinions will be valued. Meetings are one way to do this, but employees often report feeling disengaged in meetings, or are hesitant to speak in front of a crowd. A better method is to provide opportunities for one-on-one interaction between superiors and employees. This encourages strong social connections between employees (which yields better productivity) but also allows for a clear moment that team members can share their comments, questions, or suggestions. This can have a highly positive effect on overall office environment.

Appreciate Good Work

One vital aspect of a good work environment is to acknowledge your employees for their efforts. Recognising successes and achievements, even with a simple token of gratitude or a “thank you,” goes a long way to making workers feel like an important member of the team. This makes them feel more invested in the company and strive to continue to give their best.

Don’t Be Afraid to Have Fun

Work is work, and business is business, but remember the caveat: “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Research demonstrates that a certain level of pleasure and diversion at work can actually boost employee morale tremendously, resulting in an overall higher quality of work. There are plenty of ways to get your staff involved, including competitions, social gatherings, and other small rewards given throughout the workweek. Experiment (and ask your employees for suggestions) to find out what is most effective.

Finding Excellent Staff

Of course, employees help make the work environment as well. An outstanding team of workers can create a motivated and content atmosphere. Seeking top quality candidates for your business? On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire can help. With a database 7000+ members strong, we’ll connect you with the right employees for your organisation. Contact our recruiters today.

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