How to Hire an Intern

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How to Hire an Intern

So you’re thinking of hiring an intern. This is a fantastic move for any business, as it provides a situation which is beneficial to both parties involved. As you help a young person launch their career, you’ll also get the chance to experience new ideas and energy in your workplace. If you hire interns on a regular basis, you’ll also develop a new type of reputation, becoming known as a good place to apply for recent graduates. This can help bring star talent your way each and every year. 

Curious about how to get started with using interns? Read on for a quick mini guide on how to hire an intern.

Decide on the Intern’s Purposes and Tasks

Before you even start to seek out interns, you should determine as clearly as possible what the position will entail. This will help guide your search for candidates, and provide a better experience for the intern once they’ve been chosen.

First, the basics: Will this be a paid role? An unpaid internship? Depending on your focus and your budget, these decisions may determine what tasks the intern will be assigned to handle. It also may influence how many hours the intern will/can work.

Next, what will the day-to-day tasks of the intern or interns be? This can vary greatly depending on your industry and your specific business needs. In many situations, an intern functions as more of an assistant, shadowing you or another employee and offering aid as needed. Other approaches may be similar to an entry-level position, giving the intern opportunities to work more independently and take chances. Both options have value; the ultimate decision is up to your business.

Spread the News of Your Hunt for an Intern

Now that you know what you’re looking for, get on the hunt! The key is knowing where to look. Don’t simply put out adverts at every possible place. You won’t be targeting the intern pool. Instead, focus your search and connect with the right people and organisations who can help.

Contact colleges and other training programs. Students and recent graduates are your prime market for internship roles. You can also get in touch with industry specific publications, as young professionals may be using these to look for work opportunities. Finally, don’t discount social media. The majority of interns these days are Millennials, young people who are avid Internet users. You just might find the perfect fit via Twitter, Facebook, or even Instagram.

Recruitment agencies are also a great resource. These organisations make it a point to connect with students and young people regularly, creating a ready pool of potential interns.

Choose the Right Candidate

Now it is time to pick your intern(s). What to look for in an intern is different than what you might consider when seeking a permanent hire. The selection process is likely to be much more efficient when picking interns, as there’s less previous experience to sift through, and there may even be fewer applicants to consider. Yet, be sure you’re vetting each candidate properly and looking first and foremost for a positive attitude and an eagerness to learn. This is especially important if the role is unpaid. Search for a committed individual who is anxious to get started in your industry and absorb all the knowledge he or she can on the road to a career.

It’s also a good idea to keep the future in mind. Could an internship position turn into something long-term? Maybe you’ll hope to hire future permanent staff from a group of interns. If this is the case, factor this into your interview process and spend more time interacting with each candidate before making your final decision.

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