Hiring for a Brand New Position


Hiring for a Brand New Position

  • May 03rd, 2016
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Finding a replacement for an existing vacancy in your organisation can be a challenge, but what about when you’re hiring for a brand new position? This presents an entirely new set of considerations for you as an employer and for your recruitment strategy.

Creating a new position is typically a matter of careful planning. You’ve likely identified a need that isn’t being met, or discovered that an additional role in the workplace would benefit or enhance current processes. Or maybe you are expanding your business in a fresh direction. Whatever reasons have lead to the implementation of a brand new position, here are some questions you should ask yourself to help you hire the ideal candidate.

How malleable is this position?

A new position can begin with strict criteria and specific responsibilities, but how much can these be allowed to change? With the addition of a new role, there are bound to be unexpected occurrences that necessitate adjustments. Knowing the specific obligations this role will have, you can develop a better grasp of the right kind of candidate you are looking for. A role that you know will change and adapt, for instance, may be best filled by someone with a unique kind of experience, or an individual who is highly self-motivated.

What kind of authority will this new role have?

The hierarchy of your business structure may change with the addition of a brand new position. Before recruiting for the role, decide what level of authority this role will assume. Will this position answer directly to you? Work in a supervisory fashion? Considering how the job will fit in with your current system can let you know what type of employment experience you should seek in potential employees.

What impact do you hope this position has in your company?

Answering the question “why do we need this new position” can help clarify your aims. This can assist you in developing a clear job description for the role, and can give you an outline for measuring the success of the new position. Your hiring needs may differ if you’re seeking a big change in the workplace through the new job. And if the role is an extension of existing duties, it may be easy to compare a potential candidate with a current employee you’re satisfied with.

How will the success of this position be measured?

Prior to hiring your new team member, decide how you will assess the achievements or failures of the new role. Is this going to be a trial position? Will hard data be required to show growth, or will you base the success of the individual’s work on a change in business processes? Clarifying this from the start can again give you insight into how and who to hire.

Finding the right match

No matter what your unique requirements may be for the brand new position in your company, it will be imperative to identify the best candidate for the job.Why not let On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire give you a hand? We’re employment experts accustomed to working with all industries, and we have experience helping clients recruit for fresh new positions. Give us a call today and find out how we can make your hiring process that much easier.

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