Hiring for a Startup: How, Who, Why

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Hiring for a Startup: How, Who, Why

  • November 11th, 2015
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You’re spearheading a startup. This is an exciting venture, full of possibility and potential. Like any business getting its feet off the ground, you’re planning and prepping in every way you can. A key part of starting off on the right note is to have the best possible team.

Hiring is somewhat different when it comes to a startup, however. Though like traditional hiring, you’ll be seeking those with experience, a positive attitude, and the right skillset, your considerations for a startup will change the way you hire. Let’s take a closer look at the how, who, and why of hiring for a startup.

Figuring Out Your Why

By its very nature, a startup is a riskier, more challenging undertaking. A startup is usually an entrepreneurial idea that involves innovation and technology. Sometimes, startups are defined as creative endeavours that are working to solve a problem without a clear solution. This means startups don’t have a guarantee of success and are trying to grow in an experimental stage. Because of this, you’ll need to approach the employment search in a different manner. The first aspect to be determined is the why of your business or organisation.

Startups need skill and talent to succeed, but perhaps most of all, they need passion. If you’re hiring for a startup, you’ll need to figure out the ultimate goals of your venture. What are you hoping to accomplish? What problem are you primarily addressing? What impact do you want to have on your society or your world? These answers can help you understand the big picture of your hiring goals—a must when employing new staff.

How to Hire for a Startup

Startups are often formed through collaboration amongst a few young professionals. If you’re beginning a business such as this, you may already have a partner. But that is just the beginning. Finding the members to round out your team is paramount. Because for a startup, TEAM is what it’s all about. Your success will be based very strongly on the strength of your employees as a whole, and the individual attributes they bring to the table.

One of the best startup recruitment tactics is to be constantly on the lookout for new talent. Your business will be ever-evolving and changing, and fresh, innovative perspectives and a range of skills will be in high demand for you. You never know when the ideal candidate is right around the corner. Working with a recruitment agency can help ensure you are continually updated about new available talent with the skills and attitude you’re looking for.

Who to Hire for a Startup

For a startup, skills, experience, and qualifications are not the main predictor of success. In fact, startups are inherently risky ventures. A variety of abilities and knowledge will undoubtedly help your startup gain its foothold, and you should look for a range of employees that possess these talents, to give you a well-rounded organisation. But more than that, you need people willing to take risks. You need people who believe in themselves and in the business enough to give it their all as it gets off the ground. In short, when hiring for a startup, hire for attitude over experience.

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