How to Ask for a Pay Rise (And Get it!)

how to ask for a pay rise

How to Ask for a Pay Rise (And Get it!)

When is the last time you received an increase in your salary? If you can’t remember, it might be time to ask for a pay rise from your employer. The following tips will help bring you closer to a “yes.”

Choose Your Time Wisely

One of the best tips for successfully negotiating a pay rise is to time your request well. Avoid times when things at your company seems a bit chaotic. For instance, don’t ask immediately following a major company restructuring. Avoid busy periods if possible. There may be no “perfect” time to put in your request, but do your best to choose a smart window. Just after a performance review can be a solid option, since your good work is fresh in your employers’ minds.

Announce Your Request

Let your employer know what’s coming. Book a specific appointment with your supervisor/the person in charge of your pay, and let them know that’s what you’ll want to discuss. It can be as simple as sending an email requesting a one-on-one meeting, using a subject line such as “Salary Conversation.” This gives them a heads up about the discussion, and allows them to prepare their response in advance. In many cases, this approach is more likely to end in a “yes” because the employer is not caught off guard and has had time to process your ask.

Make Your Case

It’s time for your meeting. Throughout, be cordial and polite. Such a meeting should always be approached positively and pleasantly. After all, you’re not here to make demands, but to have a thoughtful and assertive conversation.

As you talk with your boss, know your value and be prepared to defend your position. Show your employer concrete ways in which you’ve contributed to business success and how you bring undeniable value to the company as a whole. Being able to cite specific examples is very helpful. Make sure to do your own market research as well, to understand what salary range is appropriate for your position and level of seniority. This ensures your request is on point with industry standards.

Be Prepared to Negotiate (and Know What You’ll Accept)

Before putting in your pay rise request, take some time to think about your expectations and your desires. Would you be willing to accept a smaller pay rise? Would additional benefits be suitable if a financial increase is not possible? Could you work fewer days at your current salary? Knowing what you’ll accept in advance will aid you in the negotiation process.

If it’s a “No”

Be prepared for the possibility that your pay rise request may be met with a disappointing answer. However, this does not have to be the end of the road. Let your employer know how important this request is to you. Ask if you can have a followup meeting in 3-6 months to revisit the request. To show initiative, you could also ask what actions you could take to improve your performance (and to improve the chance of a future yes). If your employer agrees to revisit this discussion at an appointed time, leave it for now. With luck, the result will fall in your favour in 6 months. If not, you can make a decision about your job options then.

None of the above work out for you? If your pay rise request was ultimately not honoured, perhaps it is time to seek new employment at a company that values your work. Turn to On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire. With free services for jobseekers, we’re the go-to resource to help you find an excellent position that matches your skills, experience, and goals.

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