How to Avoid These Common Hiring Mistakes

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How to Avoid These Common Hiring Mistakes

  • April 26th, 2016
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Mistake #1: Basing your hiring decision primarily on credentials

A candidate with tremendous experience and top quality degree seems like the ideal choice, right? Not always. Be careful that the hiring decisions you make are not based solely on these aspects, as personality, skills, and attitude can play a big role in determining the best fit for your company.

How to avoid it: Enter the hiring process with an open mind. Consider deeply before hiring what you are looking for from an employee. This will shed some light on what to seek beyond what looks good on paper.

Mistake #2: Failing to recruit diversity amongst your staff.

As a business owner or manager, you likely have confidence in your own ability and style of work. But when seeking new team members, you may have a tendency to hire identical copies of yourself. This limits your workplace and doesn’t provide you with a diverse range of backgrounds, attitudes, work styles, and ideas.

How to avoid it: Look consciously for candidates with unusual or unique backgrounds. Identify what skills are lacking among your current staff and seek to fill the gap. Involve additional input before making your ultimate hiring decision.

Mistake #3: Getting bogged down by numbers.

Especially in small businesses, every dollar matters. When hiring a new team member for your organisation, you may be tempted to put a strict limit on what you’re willing to pay. This restriction can prevent you from finding the best possible employee for your business.

How to avoid it: It’s fine to have a ballpark figure in mind, but be prepared to allow for some flexibility. An employee that will make a huge difference in your business is far more valuable than a mediocre candidate who will save you a small amount of money. Consider the long-term investment.

Mistake #4: Rushing to make a decision.

If you are hiring for a permanent role in your business, you will want to be certain that you are making the right decision. This means being careful and deliberate about the hiring process. Rushing to find a suitable candidate may seem like the quickest way to keep business running as usual, but it may result in wasted time, if the employee turns out to be a poor fit.

How to avoid it: Give yourself plenty of time to find the perfect candidate that matches your needs. Maximise your resources. If you need to fill a role quickly, consider using labour hire or temporary employment to get someone in the workplace right away.

Mistake #5: Not knowing what you’re looking for.

One thing that makes the hiring process invariably more successful is when you know precisely what you’re after. While keeping an open mind is helpful, having a vague idea of what you want or expecting to “play it by ear” can end poorly.

How to avoid it: Create a precise job description for the role. If necessary, sit down with colleagues to revisit the position and what skills may be required that weren’t previously. Develop an idea of how this role will augment your current workplace situation.

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