Labour Hire: 2017’s Most Important Employment Trend

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Labour Hire: 2017’s Most Important Employment Trend

Employment trends come and go, but much of the time, certain trends are here to stay. The same can be said of labour hire. In 2017, labour hire is continuing to show signs of increasing popularity, as workers and employers look for new ways of doing business.

Indeed, labour hire has been growing for years. Many Australian businesses of all sizes have discovered the tremendous benefits this employment solution offers. And today, it’s an option that is more important than ever. Here are a few of the reasons labour hire is one employment trend that is not going away anytime soon.

Variable Projects Demand Flexible Labour

Employers in a vast range of industries find labour hire to be a smart employment approach. This is because the projects they tend to emphasise are those which are lengthy and complex. Such complicated endeavours mean ever-changing circumstances: tasks that get delayed, weather that halts work, permits that must be acquired, and even shifts in project scope. Such situations are difficult to avoid with major projects, but the answer is that time is money and money is time, and both are better saved through the use of labour hire.

With labour hire, skilled workers are on the site (and getting paid) only when you need them. This is a groundbreaking hiring option when you have a variable project, or when you require a specific skillset for a certain period of time. The versatility and flexibility of labour hire makes it a staple in a busy work environment.

Certain Skills are Growing More Specialised

Labour hire is also an important employment trend because it reflects the shift towards more and more specialist skills and trades. A competitive job market means that job candidates are starting to develop a distinct skill set, becoming experts in highly specific areas that will set them apart from other job seekers.

This partners well with labour hire. While your project may demand a specific skill, you may only need that particular skill for a short time period. Labour hire makes it easier to employ such an individual temporarily. Most employers do not have the resources to hire such a specialised labourer long-term. Labour hire provides you with the demanded skills only when you require them. And for workers, such specialisations lend themselves naturally to labour hire opportunities, meaning you can find constant projects which need your attention and abilities.

The Nature of Work is Changing

Still another reason labour hire reigns supreme is that the very nature of the way people work is transitioning. The typical 40-hour workweek is no longer the best option for certain roles or industries. In fact, remote work, virtual employees, part-time temporary labour, and casual workers, are all on the rise. Labour hire fits right into this group.

Many employees are also no longer seeking the traditional career path. Labour hire is a great  solution for their needs, with its flexible scheduling and varied work environment. It gives workers the chance to create the type of career that fits their lifestyle, and it keeps things unpredictable and challenging, to a certain extent. Yes, labour hire is an excellent answer for both employee and employer in countless ways.

Have you discovered the advantages of labour hire yet? If not, we’d love to discuss the possibilities with you. Give your friendly team of experts at On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire a call now to get started.

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