“Sell” Your Company: Tips for Improving Your Offer/Hire Ratio


“Sell” Your Company: Tips for Improving Your Offer/Hire Ratio

  • September 09th, 2015
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Recruitment is not just about finding top talent. It’s about identifying candidates who are the best fit for your business or organisation, and then hoping they accept your offer of employment.

Finding ideal candidates will do you no good if you’re sending out numerous offers but failing to seal the deal. And you can’t simply sit there hoping that your candidate will accept. So, what can you do to increase your chances that a top potential employee will sign on to your company? Here are a few tips for improving that offer/hire ratio. The key? Really “selling” your company.

Impressing the Candidate

It can come as a surprise to many job seekers that employers are as nervous as them. Organisations are looking for the best individual for an available position. With each interview, you hope the next candidate is the one you’ve been looking for.

Applicants are striving hard to impress in an interview situation. But it is equally important for the company to impress them. If the meeting goes well and you consider bringing a candidate onboard, you’ll need to ensure they are keen and excited about joining your company. Your primary task as an employer is to SELL your company to the candidate. As well, you need to tailor your offer to the candidate’s needs.

Introduce Company Culture

The candidate should feel welcome and comfortable from the moment they enter your property. Even in early stages of the interview, it’s wise to share the benefits and perks of working for your company. Show the potential employee why your organisation is unique and why working here would be great for them. Ideally, you can paint a picture for them of what their experience would be. Give the candidate a tour, introduce them to other employees, and if possible, let them converse with your staff. Sometimes the best way to “sell” a company to a candidate is through the reviews of happy employees.

Encourage Open Communication

Throughout the introduction and interview process, encourage feedback from the candidate. Asking questions about their needs and ambitions helps them feel prioritised and allows you to identify and remove any hesitations or roadblocks they may have. It also may let you know what the candidate did not like about their current or former employer. This gives you an opportunity to demonstrate how your business is different. In some situations, it might be acceptable to gently advise candidates on how to go about resigning from their current position. Without being overly pushy, this can be a nice way to soothe the candidate’s uncertainties and help them make the big jump.

Family Matters

Career decisions are rarely just about the person who is considering the job. He or she may have a family to think about, professional and personal goals to achieve, and other considerations to make. To help your company “sell” itself to the candidate, include their family in the process. Invite the candidate and their spouse to a company event. This introduces them to the organisation and helps them feel accepted and welcomed. Or, send literature to their home address regarding perks and advantages. Families will be more encouraging to their loved one about taking a job when they can personally see the benefits.You can also add a personal touch by having a member of your executive team contact the candidate. This shows that the company is serious about taking them on.

Start Your Search

Now that you have a good handle on “selling” your organisation to potential employees, let’s start finding you the top available talent. On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire has a candidate database of more than 7000 skilled workers. Together, let’s find you the ideal match for your workplace.

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