The Biggest Job Interview No-No’s

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The Biggest Job Interview No-No’s

Being tardy. Dressing sloppily. Presenting poor body language. There is a long list of job interview no-no’s. To the average person, most should seem seem fairly obvious. It’s bad form to arrive at an interview late or to come unprepared. Having a bad attitude is even worse. And of course, there are the truly outrageous stories of job interviews gone very wrong.

It’s not always helpful as a jobseeker to focus on the negative, however. Your time is better spent reviewing good interview practices rather than getting worked up over possible mistakes. Chances are, you’ll probably deliver an exceptional interview with no problems. If you need some interview no-no’s to keep in mind however, here are 3 major points to consider.

Pretending to be something or someone you’re not

It goes without saying that outright lying is a huge interview no-no. However, if you’re presenting an inauthentic version of yourself, you also may be committing an interview faux pas. Of course, we all want to be on our best behaviour in a job interview. But even when you’re acting your most polished and poised, you still have to be yourself.

In an interview situation, bear this tip in mind closely. An interview is not only about that one day, after all, but is about a potential job which may last for years. You need to be upfront from the start about your skills, experience, attitude, and even your personality. Pretending to be something you’re not wastes the employer’s time and also does you a huge disservice. Be yourself. It’s advice we’re given since childhood, and it stands the test of time.

Failing to treat everyone you meet with respect

Some candidates occasionally make the mistake of reserving their respect and kindness for only their interviewer or other “important people,” ignoring or snubbing others in their path. This is one of the worst errors you could make at a job interview. While genuine kindness is important in all scenarios and at all times, it’s vital to bring your best qualities with you to an interview. Do this even as you enter the employer’s building. Speaking rudely to a staff member or even a stranger could come back to haunt you. You never know who you’re interacting with and what potential sway they have with those who have the power to hire you.

Maybe you’re not an unkind person but your pre-interview nerves get the best of you. In that case, focus extra hard on remembering this interview no-no and go the extra mile to be your most friendly and courteous. It’s not only great interview etiquette, it’s good practice for everyday life.

Believing that the interview is one-sided

This interview DON’T has less to do with your behaviour and more to do with your mindset. Many job seekers mistakenly believe that an interview is the time when an employer decides yes or no regarding your career fate. Yet this is wholly untrue. In a job interview, you should be scrutinising the interviewer and the employer just as closely. The best employment solutions are those which prove to be great fits for both employer and employee. Use the interview as a chance to get to know your potential new company and really decide if it’s a place you’d like to work. Even if the employer ultimately passes on hiring you, it will allow you greater insight into what you’re seeking in your next role. And in a more immediate sense, this approach also makes you less likely to be nervous during the interview, so you’ll do a better job of being yourself.

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