Is Labour Hire the Future?

Is Labour Hire the Future?

Is Labour Hire the Future?

  • September 14th, 2014
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Now, more than ever, it seems that businesses are discovering the benefits of labour hire as an alternative to traditional employment or typical contract hire. Labour hire, which sources high quality skilled workers for long and short term projects, can be used by companies in a variety of industries. Studies show that employment trends are changing: employers are largely starting to prefer hiring workers on an as-needed basis as projects arise, and those in the working world are similarly searching for more flexibility in their employment. In Australia and beyond, the trend for adaptable employment is growing in popularity. This begs the question: Is labour hire the future?

A New Way of Looking at Projects

Perhaps labour hire is the future. The landscape of employment is changing, as many companies are discovering that full-time employees or short-term contracted employees may not be right for their business. Many businesses, especially those in industries like construction, have an off-peak and a peak season, or tackle projects on an ebb and flow basis. Often, projects to be undertaken may be hard to predict. The flexibility of labour hire allows companies access to workers at any time of year, who are available to suit the needs of any contract. For instance, a business may only require a labourer with a certain skill for a specific time period. Instead of hiring a skilled worker externally for the length of the project, labour hire sources a top worker whose skills will be utilised only as long as is needed. In addition, using a labour hire agency to locate these candidates absolves the business from the need to perform their own search and recruitment. As well, all administrative tasks, such as a payroll, are taken care of by the labour hire agency. What business wouldn’t love labour hire?

A New Way of Looking at Employment

As projects in the fields of construction, design, and more tend to be quite seasonal, skilled labourers may have difficulty securing full-time work within their chosen field. Project types, lengths, and needs are subject to great variation and alteration, meaning working for a single company may not be ideal. Labour hire presents a great alternative to those seeking work in these industries, as it allows labourers to diversify. Labour hire can present countless opportunities for welders, bricklayers, drivers, machinists, electricians, carpenters, and more. Instead of committing to one company, who may experience a dearth of projects, a skilled worker who uses labour hire can have their pick of jobs and projects, enabling them possibly to secure constant employment throughout the year.

Freedom for All

As both businesses and workers look for more flexibility within the workplace, labour hire seems to offer the perfect solution. Less time and resources are wasted on both ends when labour hire is involved, as downtime is minimised and both parties benefit. The freedom afforded by labour hire may suggest that this is an indication of the future; changing the way we do business.

If you’re considering labour hire, either as a client or as a worker, contact us at On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire today. We can discuss the benefits that coincide with labour hire, and get you started on the path to more flexibility.

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