Is Labour Hire Limited to Trades?

Is Labour Hire Limited to Trades?

Is Labour Hire Limited to Trades?

  • October 06th, 2014
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An extremely effective employment solution, labour hire is fast growing in popularity and frequency. Throughout Australia, more and more businesses are discovering how useful labour hire can be for sourcing temporary workers for their long and short term projects. Although labour hire typically deals with industries such as construction, manufacturing, and civil engineering, it is not strictly limited to these areas. And while labour hire most commonly sources for labouring roles such as electrician, traffic controller, engineer, and more, it is also useful for locating administrative and other staff positions across various industries.

The Benefits of Labour Hire

At On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire, we are constantly talking about the tremendous advantages that labour hire can have for a business. The industries listed above, as well as others, are those which primarily utilise labour hire. The very nature of these industries leads to the acquisition and implementation of numerous projects throughout the year. Construction projects, for example, can vary greatly by length of time, nature of the project, and types of skilled workers needed. A labour hire agency finds the necessary skilled workers, directly hiring them for their work with the client company. Because projects may be subject to frequent change and vary from long to short term projects, labour hire is the ideal way to get the workers your company needs, with the skills required for each specific project. And with labour hire, the recruitment agency handles all the details for your business. The straightforward and flexible nature of labour hire makes it an excellent employment choice–especially for project-focused industries.

Work in a Variety of Roles

Though labour hire most frequently recruits for skilled worker positions, those same industries require employees to fill other roles. Not limited to trades, labour hire can also source for support staff and administrative positions. With something such as a civil engineering project, the complexity of the entire project may be quite extensive. Support workers and highly-skilled administrative staff will be needed to help facilitate specific aspects of each project: elements such as planning, budgets, handling suppliers, securing permits, and more. Frequently, administrators are required at the beginning of projects as details get sorted, but may also be needed throughout the entirety of the project. If you’re a candidate with strong administrative skills, typical office work is not your only option. With a variety of interesting and unique roles to be filled through labour hire, you can be recruited for a large number of projects both long and short term. Administrative and support staff also have a multi-disciplinary advantage, as opposed to those who are experts in specific trades, as these diverse skills can be utilised across industries and fields.

As technology increasingly becomes a greater part of many industries, IT professionals, designers, programmers, and more, are frequently recruited through labour hire. Highly technical projects may require the expertise of these pros, expanding into projects across all industries. Labour hire is an incredible resource for candidates offering so many different types of skills.

Labour Hire is Growing

Those who possess skills in various trades such as carpentry, electrical work, bricklaying, and more will find a multitude of projects and positions available to them. But administrative professionals, IT experts and more can also find outstanding, ongoing work through labour hire. For more information, whether you’re a skilled candidate seeking work or a business in search of employees, contact us at On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire today. We’ll get you sorted for a productive, enjoyable working experience.

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