How Does Labour Hire Work?


How Does Labour Hire Work?

  • July 20th, 2016
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Across multiple industries in Australia and worldwide, the need for skilled and talented staff will continue to be relevant so long as the planet spins. It’s no secret that companies seek quality employees who will deliver: individuals who will be team players and hard workers who can meet the specific needs of that organisation.

For the active business, a variety of employment situations are often required. Such entities may not solely need traditional, full time, long term staff. Fortunately, permanent recruitment is hardly the only option when it comes to landing exceptional employees. If you’ve never considered using labour hire for your business, perhaps today’s the day to give it a closer look. Let’s start by exploring the most common query: how does labour hire work?

Labour Hire Basics

Seasons change, business dips and peaks, and projects come and go. In many fields, but particularly those in construction, engineering, and other manually-focused industries, there is a dramatic flux in staffing needs throughout the year. Labour hire is a process of hiring skilled workers for a temporary period, generally via a recruitment agency. These workers are not employees of your business, but of the agency that sources them. This makes the entire process more straightforward for you and expedites the amount of time needed to locate the highly qualified labourers you seek. A wide range of projects can benefit from labour hire, including high season activity.

The Skills You Need, When You Need Them

The overarching benefit of labour hire is flexibility. Major projects may have many phases during which only specific skills and abilities are needed. An office renovation, for instance, may need electricians, plumbers, carpenters, painters, and other roles, but typically not at the same time. You don’t need to hire a concrete pourer for the entire project duration if their expertise is needed only for a few days or weeks. Labour hire gives you the chance to utilise expert staff for the precise period in which their skills are required, and with flexibility on your end to alter or extend the schedule as needed.

Outstanding, Vetted Workers Ready to Start

Sourcing and hiring the very best employees can take a significant amount of time when done on your own. Choosing labour hire through a reputable recruitment agency can literally cut that time in half. On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire has a candidate database with more than 7000 individuals who are ready and able to lend a hand. Best of all, our candidates have been through the processes of checking resources, confirming qualifications, and more. We’ve already done the nitty gritty for you. Your company can feel confident about the skilled professionals you’ll be partnered with.

Let Your Recruitment Agency Handle the Details

Not only is locating and hiring candidates time consuming, but getting them started is another issue altogether. Labour hire workers are ready to go (and many of them have experience adapting to a vast range of projects and job sites). Our team will manage all of the associated details for preparing your temporary staff to start as soon as possible. We handle inductions, complete administrative forms, and even take care of payroll, workers compensation, and tax. Labour hire workers are direct employees of the recruitment agency. It’s an arrangement that is so simple for you and your business, you’ll wonder why you haven’t tried it sooner.

Ready to give labour hire a go? We’d love to chat with you about the possibilities, no matter your industry or your needs. Give us a call at On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire today.

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