The Best Ways to Look for a Job in Nowra

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The Best Ways to Look for a Job in Nowra

Job hunting is time consuming, so it’s important to maximise your time by choosing the most effective methods. For example, randomly posting or emailing your resume to potential employers is not a good way to get noticed. You’re better off going into an employer’s office, shop or worksite, speaking to someone face to face and leaving your remune with them. Sometimes you might be lucky enough to stumble across a business where a vacancy has just opened up. After all, timing is everything!

In Nowra, employment opportunities often arise from friends, family and people you know in the local area. The Shoalhaven is a small, close knit community, so it pays to ask around for job leads. You never know who might know of a business looking for an employee with your specific skillset! Again, this is far more effective than just sending off your resume.

Searching Further Afield

While a job in Nowra might be your goal, it’s also worth considering employment in surrounding areas. Whether you are looking for work in retail, education, construction or hospitality, your chances of securing a job increase if you widen your search area. For example, while we regularly advertise job vacancies in Nowra, we also have many employers looking for staff in Wollongong, Kiama, Campbelltown and other suburbs of Sydney. Travelling for work might require you to make some adjustments to your lifestyle, but in our experience it is definitely worth it!

Job Hunting Success

Registering with an employment agency has one of the highest success rates out of all the different job hunting methods. This is because recruitment agencies specialise in matching the right candidate with the right employer. At On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire in Nowra, we know exactly what our clients are looking for in an employee and match these with the specific skill sets of our candidates. The result? Long term employment for our candidates and skilled staff for local businesses. Importantly, we can place all categories of jobs in all areas of the Shoalhaven and it is common practice for businesses to list multiple positions with us simultaneously.

On Line Recruitment specialises in providing businesses with immediate access to skilled staff. Catering for all industries including telecommunications, aged care, administration, construction, manufacturing, transport logistics and hospitality. Contact Us today.


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