Looking for a Job? These 7 Useful Blogs Can Help You Land It


Looking for a Job? These 7 Useful Blogs Can Help You Land It

  • September 15th, 2016
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Whether you are searching for a new job or making a major career transition, the process can feel a bit overwhelming. While we definitely recommend partnering with a professional recruitment agency (our services for jobseekers are awesome and free!), there are other steps you can take to make the process more seamless.

They say that knowledge is power, and as a jobseeker, you can never be too informed. So while you’re scouring job boards and polishing up your CV, spend some time browsing career-oriented blogs as well. There are thousands of great blogs on the Internet, and some are geared exclusively towards jobseekers. You might be surprised at just how transformative these career blogs can be! Not sure where to start? Check out this list of 7 useful blogs you should be reading, and watch as they catapult your career trajectory.

1. Penelope Trunk

Penelope Trunk is an entrepreneur who has founded 4 startups. If her success alone doesn’t inspire you, her blog posts will. She focuses on how to land a job or make a painless career transition as well as offers unique productivity tips and entrepreneurship guidance. And every post is peppered with entertaining anecdotes so you can understand the real-world application of her wisdom.

2. Learning to Leap

This UK-based blog post is a vast repository of employment topics. Recent posts include actionable subjects like how to use social media in your career, and more thought-based posts that help you become a more valuable candidate in a competitive job market. A must read for ambitious job seekers.

3. Avid Careerist

Donna Svei writes Avid Careerist, a blog aimed at helping job seekers on the executive level. Donna offers tons of information-packed posts that help mid to higher-level players nail their dream jobs. She even tackles trickier subjects and shows how jobseekers and employees can remain confident, tactful, and driven.

4. Career Enlightenment

Writer and speaker Joshua Waldman blogs at Career Enlightenment, a blog he started to help others learn to better navigate the job search process. With signature wit, Joshua’s blogs inform and entertain. He doesn’t just serve up valuable know-how, but publishes posts focusing on the job industry as a whole.

5. Undercover Recruiter

Here’s a blog that covers it all. For jobseekers, employees, and even recruiters, this wealth of information can help us all to be better at what we do. On Undercover Recruiter you’ll discover unique interview tips to help you land a coveted role, and learn ways to succeed further once you’re hired. Recruiters love this blog as it assists us in uncovering more and more ways to make a genuine difference for jobseekers just like you.

6. Personal Branding Blog

Having trouble getting hired in your dream role? The problem is probably not with you, but with the way you present yourself. Many jobseekers find their job search improves instantly when they start thinking of themselves as a brand. With the Personal Branding Blog, you’ll learn exactly how to do that, and how to use this mindset to help you successfully self promote.

7. Quintessential by LiveCareer

Go back to basics with the Quintessential blog by LiveCareer. LiveCareer is an online resume builder (also a helpful resource for jobseekers) and their blog, as you might expect, is filled with resume tips. But they don’t stop there. From networking tips to personal branding advice, you’ll find a bundle of resources that cover job search basics and more.

What jobseeker blogs have been instrumental in your career search?

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