How to Make Yourself More Employable

How to Make Yourself More Employable

How to Make Yourself More Employable

  • August 14th, 2014
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Let’s face it, the job industry can be tough. It seems as if there are fewer positions, yet more qualified applicants appearing every day in search of employment. So how do you ensure that you stand out from the crowd? In a competitive market, you need to shine; you need to be the most desirable candidate available. Whether you’re going it alone or using the services of a reputable recruitment agency, here are some practical ways you can polish your resume, hone your skills, and become your most employable self.

Varied Experience vs. Dedicated Experience

Examining the experience you already have under your belt, you can assess how a potential employer might view you as a candidate. Generally, employers do want candidates who have a lot of experience, but this can come in different forms. Perhaps you have had years of experience working for a single employer, developing consistent skills and showing workplace consistency. Having succeeded at a long term job demonstrates your reliability and focus to potential employers. If you were promoted within a company or saw an increase in responsibilities and pay, this also looks good to a hiring manager, who will acknowledge that you’re a competent worker and capable of growth.

In contrast, your situation may be different, and you may have held many different positions over the years. If this is the situation, emphasising your diversity of skills and experiences will be important. While many employers may prefer those who show more long-term job histories, if you’ve developed a wide variety of useful job skills which can be applied in a new position, this can also increase your employability. If you have jumped from job to job, this may reflect poorly on you as a candidate, but if you show that you have had quality experience in a variety of fields or positions, this can work to your advantage. The key points to highlight good experience are quality and consistency, so these are the factors which should be accentuated in your resume and interview.

Enhance Your Desirable Skills

In a competitive job market, the best thing you can do to get an edge is to have desirable skills. With an increase in technological focus and importance, this typically means computer skills. Those educated in technological fields seem to have a leg up these days, as those particular, specialised skills are increasingly in demand. Investing in computer or IT training courses may help you acquire some of the special skills employers are seeking. If you don’t have much computer experience, training in these areas will be an absolute necessity for the majority of positions.

Depending on the positions you’re seeking and the industry you hope to work in, different skills will be desirable. One way to strongly improve your employability in any field, is by demonstrating a commitment to ongoing learning. If you have taken coursework, training, or otherwise honed your skills, you should include this on a resume and mention it in the interview process. Employers love to see in candidates a desire for growth, initiative, and constant improvement, and a history of developmental coursework or education can be a tremendous asset.

It All Comes Down to Attitude

In the process of candidate recruitment and hiring, we believe it all comes down to attitude. While experience, skills, and talents are all vitally important to a potential employer, what matters most is your work ethic, willingness and ability to learn, and a stellar attitude. If you combine the above elements with a winning attitude, your employability is sure to skyrocket. If you’ve been unsuccessful in your employment search, please contact us at On Line Recruitment today. As experts in the hiring process, we aim to find you a job in which you will thrive. Give us a call to find out how a recruitment agency can better help you land the job of your dreams.

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