When Too Many Careers Appeal to You

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When Too Many Careers Appeal to You

  • June 17th, 2016
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No matter how old you are or where you may be on your career path, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to look at all of the possibilities out there. Job boards are filled to the brim with specialised and not-so-specialised positions that may sounds appealing or intriguing. Opportunities to pursue a variety of jobs could be at your fingertips. It may be easier to identify what you don’t like career-wise than to figure out what profession to throw yourself into wholeheartedly. Does this sound like you?

It might come as a surprise but this is a very common way to feel. Particularly with those of the millennial generation, the idea that you can “be whatever you want to be” is something more and more young people are growing up hearing. This encouragement, while a benefit and a confidence booster, can make defining a career path down the line somewhat more challenging. If you find that too many professions seem appealing to you and you just can’t decide which to choose, what do you do? Fortunately, the team at On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire is here to offer some guidance.

Engage Further Career Exploration

If you’re feeling all at sea when it comes to the job hunt, a great place to start is with research, research, and more research. The Internet offers endless resources for career exploration and learning and you can even take personality-based career quizzes that give you individualised ideas and direction. You can also look into various careers based on the skills and knowledge you already have, so you can identify job options you will both enjoy and be successful at.

Consider Temporary Placement

A brief stint in a potential career field can be a smart move when many different occupations appeal to you. Put your skills to use and give a range of jobs a try. Working with a well-reputed recruitment agency, you can find placement in temporary roles that offer real world insight into possible careers. You might quickly discover that certain industries are not for you, or you may find that something you knew little about could in fact be your greatest passion. Short term and temporary positions are easy to find with an agency like On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire.

Know that Passions Can Develop

It is important to remember when it comes to careers, that very few of us are born knowing exactly what we want to do to earn our living. Passion is wonderful, but it is not always the primary driving force when it comes to choosing a career. Equally important are skills, determination, attitude, and work ethic, among many other factors. You might find that after years of working in a field, you’ve come to have specialised knowledge and skills that makes you the “go-to” expert in that industry. A job well done can generate passion that was previously undiscovered. And the commitment to honing one’s skills to be the best they can be also has a tremendous positive impact. Sometimes, it might make sense to follow the career path that your unique talents incline you toward.

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