The 8 Most Sought-After Skills in Today’s Workforce

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The 8 Most Sought-After Skills in Today’s Workforce

  • November 04th, 2015
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If you’re a job seeker, you no doubt recognise that landing a role can be competitive. In certain industries, there are many talented candidates with the right education and experience for the job. Yet, time and again, employers admit that their ultimate hiring decision rests not on qualifications but on those skills that will be most vital in a role. Even in a field where less competition exists, it is still a top priority for potential employers to source those individuals with just the right skill set for the position.

The skills needed in the workforce are a mix of “hard” and “soft” skills. Hard skills include practical, tangible abilities such as knowledge of computers or trade skills. Soft skills are those which deal with areas like communication, conflict resolution, and attitude. Both types of skills are important for job success. Here are 8 of the most sought-after skills in today’s workforce.

8. The Ability to Lead

Even if you’re not applying for a leadership role, employers like to see this quality in candidates. It suggest a level of self-direction and points to a highly ambitious individual. Employers know they can count on those with leadership attributes to motivate and aid the team effectively.

7. Basic Analysis of Data

Nearly all positions require the acquisition of data and a related output. Demonstrating essential critical thinking skills and the ability to make sense of information and use it properly and accurately is very important to employers.

6. Flexibility

Are you adaptable to changing circumstances? You should be. It is a great attribute to be flexible and willing to adjust to new situations with ease and grace. Potential employers will want you to not only be able to handle a range of situations, but will look for those who tackle them with a positive attitude.

5. Decisiveness

The ability to make strong and well-conceived decisions is a benefit in every area of life, and perhaps especially so in the work environment. Having a decisive and firm character indicates you have the ability to think wisely under pressure, to be a leader amongst your peers, and to tackle challenges with innovative, clear solutions.

4. Ability to Plan, Prioritise, and Organise

Ideal employees are adept multitaskers, able to plan and prioritise their daily tasks with a sense of organisation and productivity. You can demonstrate this ability by presenting yourself well during an interview and mentioning your conscientious work style and attention to detail.

3. Basic Computer Literacy

A certain degree of technical understanding is needed in a majority of jobs today, particularly in certain industries. To keep these skills sharp, stay updated and knowledgeable on current technology and consider enrolling in an online course to polish your skills.

2. Advanced Technological Skills

Though not necessary in many roles, having an advanced set of skills with regards to the latest technology can be a tremendous asset in the job search. Those with IT skills including web development, online marketing, and even social media, are in higher demand than ever as more and more businesses point their efforts online.

1. Capable of Self-Direction

Most employers prefer staff members who possess a degree of self-direction. These individuals are able to guide themselves from task to task and don’t require assistance or clarification the majority of the time. Being an independent self-starter is an attribute of great value to potential employers.

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