Navigating a Midlife Career Change


Navigating a Midlife Career Change

  • March 04th, 2016
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In a perfect world, we’d all grow up knowing exactly what we wanted to do with our lives and our career and all the steps on its path would fall neatly into place. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world, and more often than not, the path to our eventual career is rocky, curved, and involves lots of loops, setbacks, and shifts in direction.

While that is reality, it is a comfort to know that we’re all in this together. Rare is the individual who has a picture-perfect career path. It’s also fairly unusual to only have a single career throughout your entire adulthood. In fact, studies show that the average adult changes careers several times throughout their lives. If you are finding yourself at such a crossroads, never fear. On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire has the resources, expertise, and readiness to help you navigate this career change, even if it’s taking place later in life.

The Midlife Career Change is Very Common

The world of work is constantly changing, and workers are changing with it. Midlife (typically your late 30s to early 50s, in career terms) brings with it many transitions. Even when circumstances around you aren’t changing, you might discover you’re transitioning internally, and your heart is pointing you in a new career direction. Changing careers at any time is not only completely possible, it is even feasible to start over from scratch.

The World is Your Oyster

Making a career change is probably not a decision you’ll make lightly. Yet whether you’re dissatisfied with your current career or are feeling pulled in a new direction, there is much to consider. At such an important juncture in your life, it’s nice to remember the world is your oyster. So many possibilities are open to you. Now is a great time to pursue a long-buried dream that you always put off chasing. It’s also a prime opportunity to explore career options that give you a chance to make a difference, to make your mark on the world and help make it a better place. Whatever your motivations are for a midlife career switch, you’ve got a chance to take your future by the reins.

Start Where You Are

It may come as no surprise that starting over in a brand new, unfamiliar career will take some time and dedication. A foray into a new industry or field can mean beginning at the basics. Yet, even if you’re changing careers, you’ll be able to leverage the skills you’ve already gained throughout your life.

This is where outside assistance can be a tremendous asset. There are many occupations and roles you have perhaps not considered, but which would blend seamlessly with your previous experience and skills, all the while guiding you professionally in a new direction.

Working with an experienced employment expert from On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire is a great way to assess your skills, explore your options, and find the opportunities you need to make the most of this midlife career change. Ready for your new life? Give us a call today and let’s get started!

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