Does the Perfect Employee Exist?


Does the Perfect Employee Exist?

  • August 03rd, 2016
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Wouldn’t it be great if there was a perfect employee for every employer? If you’re a business owner, chances are you have a fairly good idea of what your ideal employee might look like: hard working, a self starter, years of experience under their belt, an endless array of good ideas in their brain. While you can dream all day of the perfect worker, does this individual truly exist? We’re here to bring you back down to earth and tell you that unfortunately, no. The “perfect” employee does not exist.
But here at On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire, finding exceptional staff members is our business. We know people and we know employment. In our 16+ years of existence, we’ve learned a thing or two about hiring. While a flawless employee is merely a dream, with the right approach, you can come pretty darn close to perfection. Read on to find out how.

Developing Realistic Expectations

It is vital to recognise that the perfect employee does not exist so that you can get started searching for an employee who will be perfect for your business. Realistic expectations about candidates starts you off on the right balance for choosing the best possible future employee. When you work with our team for your recruitment, we’ll help discuss your preferences and desires–narrowing down the candidate qualities to those you would most like to see in potential new hires. This makes the selection and interview process far more straightforward, and brings us one step closer to delivering the best possible candidate to join your team.

Hiring for Attitude, not For Experience

While perfect may not exist, awesome does. One approach to identifying great candidates is to hire for attitude rather than experience. Studies show time and again that employees who demonstrate a great disposition, strong work ethic, and a healthy sense of ambition, tend to outshine those who come with more experience (but lack the same driven character). For this reason, consider seeking those who show great potential and nail their interview over those whose CVs are jam-packed with work history.

Greatness Comes from Unexpected Places

Even though perfection is a fallacy, sometimes those perfectly imperfect employees can be those who have the greatest impact. When sourcing new candidates, our team here at On Line Recruitment can help identify those who have made significant contributions to previous employers, as well as those who seem to bring something new and unique to the table. Often, your business can achieve great things with just the right employee and many times this happens by looking in unusual places. A recruitment agency knows just where to search.

Creating the (Near) Perfect Employee

If you’ve found a strong candidate who brings something special to your staff and presents a great attitude, congratulations. You just may have an employee who will develop into a nearly ideal team worker. It’s up to you now as the employer to provide opportunities for growth and advancement and to nurture the positive qualities in your new hire. With guidance, a great work environment, and much-needed support right from the start, you may discover the (almost) perfect employee is within reach.
If you want to be matched with some of the best candidates on the market, give us a call at On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire. We’ll help to find outstanding matches that will do great things for your business.

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