Performance Reviews: Not Just an Annual Event

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Performance Reviews: Not Just an Annual Event

  • July 22nd, 2015
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Any quality employer knows the value of offering performance reviews to your staff. The importance of feedback for employees cannot be overstated. This allows workers to be their most successful: celebrating their achievements and understanding what needs improvement.

But, as a manager or employer, are you only providing a single review per year? Some companies mistakenly assume that an annual performance review is all that is needed to ensure their employees are given effective feedback. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead, employees should be given continual feedback (quarterly reviews or an ongoing conversation). This has a number of benefits for both staff and management. Let’s take a look.

Expectations are Clear

Supplying ongoing feedback to an employee is a key element in keeping the lines of communication open. When team members know that management is available and attentive, it is renewing and motivating. Expectations are less murky. As well, periodic reviews keep employees on track. It is easy in these sessions to identify manageable goals for each individual. This gives the employee something tangible to focus on and work towards–aspects which can be easily forgotten when a review only happens once per year.

The Financial Piece Doesn’t Take Precedence

When employees are waiting for their once-yearly review, there may often be an unspoken understanding that each positive review is accompanied by a monetary promotion. While this is an excellent way to reward achievement, connecting the review with a pay rise can take away the value of the feedback itself. Your employee may be so focused on the upcoming financial gain that they scarcely hear your comments on their work performance. When reviews come with more frequency, it removes this distracting element and allows the staff member to concentrate solely on their performance.

A Higher Level of Accountability

Employees are always aware of a certain level of scrutiny (and this is not necessarily a negative thing). But when they only have a yearly performance review to consider, it is easy to let standards and quality slide. Even the most dedicated employees can become a little lax or lazy in their work. Ongoing feedback makes everyone more accountable. An upcoming review (or a manager who offers continual discussion) can subtly encourage a staff member to be more attentive and detailed in their work. This approach even keeps management more accountable. Superiors can’t simply disappear into the background, but must be available and observant–truly running the show. There is an unspoken agreement that everyone will be more involved and focused on the business.

Appreciation and Attention

When management offers regular feedback to an employee, their growth and development is a continual process. Knowing their strengths and weaknesses, and looking for ways to improve and gain new skills lets employees feel more successful. This provides a sense of accomplishment. In addition, when employers take the time to supply their team with constructive feedback, employees feel more seen, heard, and valued. Your attention will result in authentic appreciation.

Guidance for a Career

Annual performance reviews are comprehensive, but don’t allow for much discussion of the individual. The focus is typically on the business or organisation and the employee’s place within it. However, continuing reviews have the potential to be much more tailored to each worker. When a superior is invested in their employees, and takes the time to offer constructive criticism, the employee has the opportunity to become an all around more polished professional. The type of feedback employees thrive on is that which can have a genuine impact on their career. Beyond an overview of work performance, such feedback relates to communication skills, conflict resolution, and what an employee uniquely brings to the table.

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