Permanent vs Temporary Recruitment

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Permanent vs Temporary Recruitment

Not all jobs are created equal. And not all roles demand the same requirements from employees. To that end, it is natural that different types of employment have arisen. From full-time executive work to temporary labour positions to internships: employment wears many different faces.

If you’re an employer in need of new staff, you may be unsure where to begin. With all the possibilities for hiring, how can you determine exactly what you’re looking for? Let us help.

At On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire, we specialise in both temporary and permanent recruitment, so we know firsthand what is required in each type of situation. We can walk you through the process in an initial meeting or phone call, but we’ve also got a few ways for you to consider your needs even before getting in touch. Today’s blog post sheds a little light on when you might want to look for permanent employees or when temporary recruitment will do.

Why Choose Temporary Recruitment?

Temporary recruitment is ideal in a wide range of situations. Simply put, if you’re not certain on hiring for a permanent role, why not choose a temporary solution? As a labour hire and recruitment agency, our team has access to a huge list of ready-to-work candidates, who have all been thoroughly vetted. For your short-term work needs, this is the perfect answer. Temporary recruitment is great for obvious needs such as when an employee goes on sabbatical or other extended leave. This allows you to fill a space easily and painlessly.

You may want to opt for temporary recruitment if you have seasonal swells in business. Preparing for a busy holiday season? Padding your staff with extra workers can make a  major difference for your productivity and your profits.

Perhaps your business is tentatively expanding. As you go through your “growing pains,” temporary recruitment can be a great way to try out various roles and see what will be ultimately needed in the future.

If you have a position on your staff that repeatedly proves difficult to fill, temporary recruitment could be an option. This gives you the chance to experiment with some trial-and-error via a range of candidates, effectively rooting out the problem and paving the way for a solid permanent recruitment process.

Have another unusual situation? Ask us if temporary recruitment or labour hire might be best for your business.

Permanent Recruitment: The “Traditional” Job Search

Much of the time, permanent recruitment is what businesses are looking for. This is the most traditional of the hiring processes, and helps you find the very best candidate who matches your organisation’s needs and values. This can be an extended process, as it is important to find the right fit for a permanent role. At On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire, we even offer a recruitment guarantee in this situation, so you can feel confident this process will find you an excellent new employee. Leave your permanent hire needs in the hands of the Australian recruitment experts. We’re sure you’ll be more than satisfied with the results.

Let’s discuss your hiring needs. Reach out to us today for more details and we can get you started with the simplest and best employment solutions out there.

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