5 Ways to Practice for Your Job Interview

practice for your job interview

5 Ways to Practice for Your Job Interview

Want to know how to ace your next job interview? For many candidates, the key is practice. Few of us are blessed with a natural interview ability. It’s common to be nervous, flustered, and feel that you’re not at your best during an interview. But practice can change that, helping you become more comfortable with the interview process and resulting in better performance. Ready to start your “rehearsal?” Here are 5 ways to gain practice for a job interview.

Have a solid, go-to elevator pitch

While you can’t always prepare for the questions that are going to be asked (though you can study the most frequently asked queries) you can plan ahead with a rock-solid introduction. Spend some time delving into what makes you a unique, strong candidate. You can memorise a bit of an elevator pitch to help summarise your qualifications and standouts, or just refer to certain bullet points you want to cover during the interive. Reviewing these points, and having them ready to share, can give you the confidence that you’ll leave the interview saying the things you want to say.

Host mock interviews with family/friends or local organisations

The clearest way to practice your interview skills is through real interviews. Mock interviews with family and friends can be a great way to practice the basics of the interview process, but some local networking organisations may offer this service, too. When you have a real interview, you should think of that as practice as well, as every experience you have helps hone your skills and turn you into a better public speaker.

Get in the habit of daily journalling

A more untapped method for interview preparation is daily journalling. Whether you’re working off a list of interview questions or just using your own prompts, spending even 10 minutes a day writing can help you learn to better express yourself. That time spent going a little deeper into your thoughts and feelings can also help bring clarity to your goals—and helping you better succeed in your personal and professional life.

Attend networking events

Networking is a tried-and-true way to boost your career. Attending local professional events can help you connect with the right people, and maybe even interact with someone looking to hire. But beyond the actual networking, these events are an amazing way to brush up on your interview skills with dozens of other people. The more you network, the more comfortable you will start to feel in these scenarios, and you’ll also grow more accustomed to sharing what you do—your elevator pitch. Try and attend as many of these events as possible—your career will thank you.

Study the company

The final way to practice for your job interview is through simple study. You should spend some time diving into research about your potential employer. The Internet is a vast repository of information and you can learn a lot about a company’s history, focus, and style. From mission statement to social media, you can investigate what a business is about, and get a better sense of what they might be after from a new hire. You should refer also to the job posting or job description, if available, as this offers a lot of insight into their immediate needs.

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