What Questions Should Be Asked in an Interview?

What Questions Should Be Asked in an Interview?

What Questions Should Be Asked in an Interview?

  • February 09th, 2015
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An interview between employer and potential employee is the top method of meeting and selecting the ideal candidate for an open role in your business. Used by the majority of business owners and hiring managers throughout Australia, the interview, whether in-person, over the phone, or via computer and video software, presents the ideal way to get to know a possible future employee.

But how does one best utilise that interview time to unearth all the necessary information? How do you get to know your candidate? What questions should be asked in an interview?

Getting Beyond the CV

The interview needs to tell you more about the candidate than the basics. If you simply wanted to find out his or her work history, education, and basic skills, you could glance at the candidate’s CV. The interview provides the opportunity to go beyond what’s written on the page, and dig a little deeper into who this candidate is and what they bring to the table.

Using the CV is a great place to expand from, however. You might ask a candidate more subjective questions:

  • What was your favourite aspect of working at your previous position?
  • How do you feel you contributed to the organisation as a whole?
  • What unique attributes and strengths do you bring to an office environment?

You may elect to begin the interview asking these more general and personal questions. They allow you to get a sense of the candidate as an individual and as a potential employee. If certain skills or certifications are important to the position, you may wish to ask more direct questions about the candidate’s experience. Once you’ve gotten an overall first impression of your candidate, you should move on to more focused questions about your business and the position itself.

The Nitty Gritty

During the interview, you want to see how the candidate responds to certain situations and challenges. You might choose to ask him or her about previous employment situations, inquiring how he or she dealt with difficult customers, technical problems, how he or she handles deadlines, working in a team, etc. A great option for interviewers is to put potential scenarios to a candidate:

  • You have lost an important document. How do you handle the problem?
  • You notice a coworker has made a significant error. How do you deal with this?
  • How do you respond to criticism from a coworker? From a supervisor?
  • A superior is asking you to “bend the rules” or to do something you consider unethical. What do you do?

It is okay to ask your potential employee the hard questions. It’s important to see how he or she will react in stressful situations, how he or she will deal with fellow employees, and to determine his or her strength of integrity and values.

How Does this Candidate Fit In?

If you’re recruiting for a long-term, permanent position, your working relationship with a future employee may last for several years. How does this individual fit into your organisation? Does it seem like the right place for him or her? Sometimes, even the most talented candidates just aren’t the right match for your business. A few thoughtful, guided questions can help you narrow this down.

  • What are your long term career and personal goals?
  • Where do u see yourself in five years?
  • How do you feel about ____________? (the environment, corporate responsibility, marketing and technology…..something specific and important to the organisation)

These types of questions can help you see if your candidate’s values and goals align with the mission of your organisation. You might also find out what your candidate is looking for in a position and how that could fit in to his or her future career plans.

With these questions and the right focus and intention, your interview skills will be continually honed, helping you better find and discern those perfect candidates for your business.

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