Questions to Ask a Recruiter


Questions to Ask a Recruiter

  • May 11th, 2016
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As a jobseeker, the process of shifting your career or finding a new position can feel like an endless stream of questions, all directed towards you. Yet as a candidate you are in a position of greater power than you may realise. The ultimate decisions about your future are left in your hands alone. Take advantage of this and remember you can ask questions, too.

Considering working with a recruitment agency to find an open position? This is a great opportunity to ask questions. With the right queries, you can get a better idea of the recruiter’s position, connections, reliability, reputation and more. Asking questions also serves as a way to build a relationship and get the recruiter on your side (though a top recruiter already should be!) Discussions ensure you are on the same page as far as salary, career goals, etc., and enables the recruiter to do a better job for you.

So what questions should you ask of a potential recruiter? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

What recent job placement success have you had?

This question might seem a bit forward, but a reputable recruitment agency is always happy to show off their latest wins. Inviting them to share gives insight into what kind of connections the recruiter has with local or national companies and can demonstrate the types of roles they’ve been most successful placing. As a jobseeker, this offers you the chance to see if this recruiter handles a range of industries and various position levels. Their answer also showcases their recruitment and placement process in more detail.

How is your recruitment agency structured?

While you might be intimidated inquiring about their operations, it’s fair for a jobseeker to know how things are run. Is the agency fair to both clients and candidates, or are they clearly biased in favour of employers? Learning how the recruiter structures the search process and recruitment fees shows you if an agency aims to make positive matches that are satisfactory to all parties–which is ultimately what you want. This type of recruiter tends to have the best reputation and the greatest history of creating lasting job placements.

Do you personally think my qualifications and experience are a good fit for this role?

Asking this question can assist you in better determining your chances at landing the position in question, but it also gauges a potential recruiter’s level of personalised service. Have they presented you with vacancies that fit your goals and experience? Do they seem confident in your potential?
If yes, this shows that they have your best interests in mind. It also points to their talent as a recruiter and their ability to obtain satisfying results for their job seeking candidates. Are the options they are presenting far off the mark? Perhaps they clearly are not in tune with your career aims. Time to find a new recruitment agency.

What is the company culture like at the organisation or company?

Once you’re interested in or being considered for an open role through the recruiter, you should get as many details as possible. Additional information is valuable and will help you decide if the employer and the position are worth striving for and are in line with your career values and lifestyle goals. Not only that, but learning all you can about a company gives you a boost during the interview process. It can provide insight into what the organisation is looking for and give you a clearer picture of what your responsibilities and experience might be like in the workplace.

Who has held this position previously and why did they vacate it?

This is a good question because it lets you know if the recruiter has assisted in filling this same position in the past. This indicates they likely have a very good understanding of what that company may be seeking in the role. But most importantly, it shows if there have been any issues with previous candidates. While the reasons for any problems may not immediately be clear, you might glean information that lets you know how and why other candidates failed to meet expectations. In an interview, this can give you an edge as to what skills of your own to highlight. Alternatively, it might clue you in that a position or a company is not going to be a good match for you (or it can show if they have unusually high rate of turnover).

What can I expect from the candidate selection or interview process?

One of the very best ways to ace an interview is to be prepared. Don’t be afraid to ask your recruiter many questions about the interview and hiring process. This, too, will give you a general timeline in your head for how long the process should take overall.

Asking questions is never a bad idea. It indicates that you are a curious, intelligent individual who is highly invested in his or her future. Are you seeking a career move to transform your future? On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire is an outstanding choice to assist you in this endeavour. Get in contact with our team today and let’s start the process!

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