5 Reasons Your New Hire Didn’t Work Out


5 Reasons Your New Hire Didn’t Work Out

  • December 08th, 2016
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When you hire someone new, it can be disheartening if it doesn’t work out. Perhaps the employee only worked for you a short time and then left unexpectedly. Or maybe a few weeks quickly revealed that the individual was not a good match for your workplace, and you had to let him or her go. Whatever the reason, losing a recently hired employee is frustrating, but it can also be a valuable learning experience. If you’ve recently had this challenge, it might be time to sit back and reconsider your strategy. These 5 reasons may be why your new hire didn’t work out.


If so, don’t worry. We can help.

You hadn’t precisely nailed down what you were looking for.

Far too often, companies go into the hiring process with only a vague idea of what they really want or need from a new employee. This can pose a problem especially if you are hiring for a brand new role. A thorough hiring strategy can help, encompassing the distinct duties and expertise the candidate must have as well as incorporating the bigger picture. It’s vital to assess what specific role within your company the new hire should play, and if you’re looking for a change, ask what the new employee needs to bring to the table that is currently lacking in your workplace. These answers will help result in a situation that works for everyone.

You felt pressed for time when making a hiring decision.

Time can be a big factor in making a hiring decision, and this can cause employers to rush into choosing a candidate. It’s easy to see how this could lead to making the wrong choice. In the ideal situation, you would have a more extensive time period to source, interview, and select the best candidate for the job, but when expediency is of the essence, you may need to seek alternative options. Next time, consider short-term recruitment while you search for the permanent employee, or look into labour hire options: great for specific industries.

Your interview approach needs a makeover.

Are you really getting everything you need from your interview process? If not, you might be missing out on key details and choosing the wrong candidates. It’s absolutely worth it to hone and improve your interview process with the help of outside resources. A good interview methodology ensures you don’t just discover a candidate’s skills and attitude, but helps you go even deeper. Outsourcing your hiring to an experienced recruitment team can also be a wonderful solution—leaving the interviews up to employment experts.

The current workplace environment or company culture is lacking.

Perhaps the problem facing your new hires is a lack of solid workplace community. This is more detrimental than you might think, and can drive away staff members even when the pay and benefits are good. Be certain you’re not only focused on hiring but on your current state of affairs in the workplace. There are many ways to promote employee engagement and happiness, and these facets have amazing results for all aspects of your business.

You didn’t work with an expert recruitment agency.

We admit, the world of recruitment is tough. There’s much to be done and it can be overwhelming for even the smallest of businesses. If your most recent hire didn’t work out, maybe it is time for you to entrust your hiring needs to the pros. At On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire, people are our business. We’ll ensure you get the right people, who are sure to stick around. And, if we get it wrong, we offer a special recruitment guarantee! Get in touch now for more information and to find out how our team can transform your employment situation.

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