4 Reasons Why You Might Need Labour Hire

reasons you need labour hire

4 Reasons Why You Might Need Labour Hire

Over recent years we’ve found there has been a constant demand for our labour hire services in Nowra and the surrounding South Coast. It’s not surprising when you consider the time and resources required to advertise, recruit, interview and hire new employees. Time and resources that could be spent focusing directly on your business. So, as an employer, when are the times that you might need labour hire? Depending on the industry – hospitality, construction, warehousing and other trades – there will be different situations when you need the services of a labour hire agency. These are a few of the top reasons.

Increased Demand & Seasonality

Fluctuations are normal in any business, but some industries are more seasonal than others. Retailers, for instance, often see a dramatic spike in business during the lead up to Christmas and the ensuing holiday season. Another example is agriculture which has highs and lows depending on harvest, planting, and other processes.

For businesses such as these, temporary recruitment is a great idea. You can quickly and easily hire staff for weeks or months, helping your business to continue to run smoothly, ensuring you earn maximum profits and don’t overwork your permanent team members.

Unexpected Vacancies or Absences

Illness, holiday, accidents and injury can all take their toll on your workforce and may catch you off guard. During periods of unexpected leave, work can quickly start to build up, yet recruiting more staff yourself is impractical. That’s where a labour hire agency can help you stay on top of things by supplying suitable temporary workers to supplement your workforce.

Another scenario is when an employee abruptly decides to vacate their position with your company. While generally speaking employees should provide notice (and this may be a contractual obligation), it’s not always what happens. In situations of a swift exit, particularly in an integral role, it is necessary to find someone to fill the position immediately. This is where temporary recruitment can help and might even lead to you finding the right permanent employee.

Specialist Skills Are Required

If you’ve got a project or a one-off need for a highly specialised skill, temporary recruitment may be the solution. In fact, if you’re looking for skilled workers, labour hire is likely to be your best bet. With this approach, you can quickly find an employee with the right skills and experience to handle your project needs. And with labour hire, all of the employment and related administrative work is handled by the recruitment agency.


Whether you’re expanding your business as a whole or one department at a time, new employees will be required. Rather than taking on permanent employees, it can be a wise first step to experiment with temporary employees. These individuals can help you test out potential positions and workloads before you commit fully.  As a bonus, if your temporary employees exceed expectations, you can opt to keep them on full time.

We also have clients who come to us for help with a special project. By their very nature, large projects require flexibility and adaptability. These words may as well be synonymous with “temporary recruitment.” Hire the people you need, when you need them, for the specific reason you need them.

Labour Hire: Nowra & South Coast

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