Creative Ways to Recognise Your Employees This Holiday Season


Creative Ways to Recognise Your Employees This Holiday Season

  • December 06th, 2016
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The holiday season is upon us, and that means joy, laughter, celebration, and merriment. For the employer, it also means an opportunity to recognise your team for the hard work they provide all year long. The holiday season is traditionally a time of gift-giving, and it has become expected that employers will reward or gift their employees in some way. Many employers go the route of a basic holiday gift for every employee, which can end up feeling impersonal, or at worst, even ingenuine. As an employer, you value your staff’s contributions in the workplace, so your holiday reward should reflect this in the best way possible. If you’re seeking creative ways to recognise your employees this holiday season, read on for some clever ideas on what to choose. They’re sure to be well-received by your team.

Monetary Rewards Never Go Unappreciated

Although not the most creative option, it is true that financial gifts are never a bad choice. Money talks, and at the holidays, it can speak extra loudly! Providing your employees with a holiday bonus shows that you respect the hard work they’ve given you throughout the past year and shows them that their efforts do not go unnoticed or unappreciated. A monetary gift is even more special if given with a personal note that celebrates one of the employee’s specific achievements. The wise boss keeps careful record of each team member’s successes over the year and can refer back to it at holiday time. It is so meaningful for an employee to know you see and remember what they have contributed.

Personalised, Unique Gifts

Not all business owners can afford to present monetary gifts, and that’s okay. The saying “it’s the thought that counts,” is a true one, so as long as you give it some sincere thought, a physical present can be equally appreciated.


What type of gifts are right for employees? Most people prefer individual gifts that take into account their own tastes and preferences. A cookie-cutter gift given to all workers is not the best approach (unless it’s a luxury item or something awesome and truly useful). Instead, source gifts with a personal touch. And never buy something that the employee will only use at work. “Productivity” or organisational gifts aren’t appropriate. Instead, offer something your employee can use outside of work, to relax, enjoy a hobby, or to decorate their home, for instance.

Gift Cards for Essentials or Experiences

Purchasing unique gifts can be time consuming, so for the busy boss, gift cards or gift certificates are an ideal option. Some employees love practical gift cards that they’ll definitely use. Cards for grocery stores or to Amazon, for example, are always a big hit, letting the employee choose exactly what they want. Alternately, give your employees a gift certificate for a memorable experience. This could include a meal at a fancy restaurant, a gift certificate to see a few films at the cinema, or the chance to unwind with a spa day. Gifts that provide experiences for your employees show them that you value their time and want them to really enjoy themselves—-outside the office.

Throw a Classy Holiday Party

The holiday season isn’t just about material gifts, it’s also about enjoying the festive time together. Your employees will really appreciate a holiday party they can attend with their families. Make it a special occasion with a chance to dress up, dance, and enjoy plenty of free food and drinks. Everyone loves a party, and with the right planning, a stress-free and classy event is something your team will definitely look forward to.

What will you do for your employees this holiday season?

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