How Do Recruiters Source the Best Talent?


How Do Recruiters Source the Best Talent?

  • November 20th, 2015
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At On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire, we pride ourselves on our ability to create long-lasting, successful employment matches between top talent and excellent employers. Over the years we’ve been serving clients and jobseekers, we’ve achieved great outcomes time and time again, resulting in effective organisations and individuals in possession of outstanding careers.

How do we do this?

In today’s world, there’s a lot of focus on ‘DIY solutions.’ The Internet is, of course, a vast and useful resource. But when it comes to landing your dream job or finding the ideal candidate to suit an open role in your business, is it enough to just do-it-yourself?

We think not, and statistics and evidence show the same. Jobseekers soar when they can find the right connections through recruitment agencies. And as a business, working with a recruiter is the best way of finding the right candidate to meet your needs.

But how do recruiters succeed at sourcing the best available talent on the job market?

The Rely on Past Experience

Working with a recruiter means you have the benefit of years of expertise, industry understanding, and trial and error. Recruitment companies have been sourcing candidates with great success for a long time, and this provides a particular advantage. Recruiters are able to read the job market, understand trends, recognise patterns, and so much more; unique abilities that ideally place them to identify and reach out to the very best candidates.

They Build Strong Connections

Recruiters are not just knowledgeable and armed with expertise: they also have spent time developing authentic connections with industry leaders, businesses, organisations, and candidates themselves. They’ve taken the time to really get to know these entities and people, and to understand what it is they are looking for from their employees, or in their professional ambitions. In this way, recruiters serve as the ultimate liaison, able to observe, sort through options, and decisively demonstrate how partnerships can be made that will benefit all involved.

They Ask the Right Questions

It’s not just about finding available candidates. Recruiters take special steps to identify the finest potential employees. Real talent, high skill, and an exceptional attitude help to create a fantastic candidate, but these traits are not always easy to come by in a single package. Fortunately, recruiters know how to get to the heart of the matter: by asking the right questions and accessing the information they need, they can not only decipher what roles would best suit a candidate, but can connect those outstanding individuals with the organisations who seek them.

They Focus on Relationships

More than anything else, recruiters and recruitment agencies are able to source the best talent effectively because they approach it in the right away. It isn’t just about numbers or filling spaces. Great recruiters know that it is ultimately all about relationships. Keeping this in mind, as we do at On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire, a recruiter is able to make a real difference for the jobseeker and the organisation. Lasting relationships between employer and employee that are mutually-fulfilling are what is most important.

If you’re looking to work with a recruiter known for their ability to source top talent, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today at On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire.

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