What Skills are in Demand for Labour Hire?


What Skills are in Demand for Labour Hire?

  • March 23rd, 2016
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In recent years, it has become increasingly clear that there is a growing demand for the types of skills commonly required in labour hire. This is good news not only for workers who are currently specialists in their skill area, but for those just entering the career field, as these in-demand skills can help guide them in their education and training.

One integral reason businesses choose to use labour hire is to access specialised skills that their current crew or staff may not currently possess. Depending on the industry in question, an employer might also select labour hire for a project which is far beyond the scope of their own knowledge and field. Labour hire is the ideal way for skilled workers to find flexible employment that utilises their talents, and the best method for employers to find the best individual for a particular job or project.

But what are the most in-demand skill for labour hire currently in Australia?

In 2015, the shortages of technicians and trades workers became more significant. This means there are more roles for highly-skilled labourers than people to fill them. For those whose skills align with labour hire needs, this is good news.

Mining Experience

The mining industry is an important one in Australia. Yet it is a demanding industry that can sometimes experience labour shortages. Mining is currently experiencing just such a shortage. Labour hire can be used to fill temporary needs for mining organisations, with the following skills and positions in demand: electrician, mining engineer, electrical engineer, metallurgist, surveyor, geoscientist, drilling, mining, welding, and operation of haul trucks and other large mining equipment.

Construction Skills

While some industries have seen recent declines, construction is only booming. This has resulted in a significant demand for labourers with skills applicable to construction. Engineering skills are consistently needed, and can be utilised in a range of labour hire-friendly projects. Construction is also experiencing a demand for management roles such as site and project managers, contracts administrators, and foremen.

Specific construction-related skills that are currently in high demand include plastering, stonemasonry, electrical, painting, bricklaying, roof and floor tiling, sheet metal work, and airconditioning skills. For workers with these skills or specialties, seeking labour hire positions in the coming months should provide ample opportunities for work.

Other Trades

There are several additional trades that are currently experiencing shortages, and though not all are typical of labour hire needs, capitalising on these in-demand skills means growth for these trades and for labour hire in general. Your specialty just might be in high demand.

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