Can a Recruitment Agency Source Better Candidates?

Can a Recruitment Agency Source Better Candidates?

Can a Recruitment Agency Source Better Candidates?

  • May 06th, 2014
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With technology keeping the world more connected than ever before, and an overabundance of social media channels at the ready, you might think your company has all the tools at hand to source your own ideal candidates for open positions. While you could potentially find and hire a good candidate using this Do-It-Yourself method, there are alternatives which will save you time and frustration, and assist you in finding the best candidate available. Using a recruitment agency for your hiring needs is the smart choice for any business, large or small.

Trust a Professional

In many situations, it is preferable to opt for choosing a professional to handle your needs, and recruitment is no different. Recruitment agencies make their living by successfully pairing top quality candidates with companies for which they are ideally suited to work. It is generally a win-win for both parties involved, and recruitment agencies pride themselves on creating good professional matches. Because they have heaps of professional experience doing this very thing, a recruitment agency is much better equipped than an employer to handle the nitty-gritty of sifting through hundreds of potential candidates, identifying those best aligned with the client’s needs. Even if an agency brings your company a dozen candidates for interview, statistically these candidates will already be much closer to what you’re seeking, as opposed to a group of candidates you have pulled from various other sources.

Although using a recruitment agency requires a greater initial financial investment, the recruitment agency has the benefit of a much larger pool of qualified applicants from which to select. Traditional methods of advertising an available position may yield an enormous quantity of under-qualified applicants, which you would then have to sort through to find the gems. The recruitment agency provides a direct link to prescreened talent. This makes the process so much simpler. Recruitment agencies often have a rigorous screening and application process, so by the time your company is told about a potential candidate, the agency already knows a great deal about his or her past employment, skills, talents, career aspirations, work ethic, etc. If you know exactly what your company is looking for, your recruitment agency can help you find it.

More than Simple Recruitment

A good recruitment agency will be excellent at sourcing the best available candidates. One situation in which an agency is definitely preferable to in-house recruitment, is when an open position is one which requires a very specific set of skills. Candidates for these highly-specialised positions may be few and far between. Recruitment agencies are very adept at locating better candidates with particular skills, and chances are, they may have an appropriate applicant already in their job-seekers database.

For highly-specialised jobs, or other roles requiring individuals with top-notch experience, a recruitment agency is in a unique position. Often, currently employed individuals are open to speaking with recruiters. If an agency can find them a better position, perhaps with more benefits, higher pay, or other preferred conditions, this individual may consider taking the new job. This is a little-known way that recruitment agencies can find the best of the best. Sometimes the most ideal candidates are those who are already employed in other positions. A recruitment agency is uniquely suited to contact these types of candidates, and potentially already knows of many who would be content to seek new employment.

In the end, a recruitment agency’s principal goal is to connect outstanding employees with the right clients, finding positions that suit the employee, and bringing remarkable talent to the employer. If you want your hiring done in a simple, professional way which saves your company time and effort, utilising a recruitment agency is the best method of attack.

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