How to Have a Successful Interview: 4 Key Steps for Employers

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How to Have a Successful Interview: 4 Key Steps for Employers

It seems that most of the “how to” information out there on job interviews is geared towards job seekers. After all, they’re the ones who are hoping you’ll choose them for an available position. Yet the smart employer knows that a job interview is more than just a test for the candidate. It should be a conversation: a dialogue between two interested parties who are hoping to discover whether or not a potential partnership would be a good fit. It is when interviews are conducted as such that the best employees are found. Are you struggling with giving job interviews? Not finding the right candidates or feeling overwhelmed by the interview process?

No worries.

We’re here to help with 4 key steps you can take as an employer to create a successful, informative interview.

Prepare Extensively Before the Interview(s)

The best chance you have of getting what you need from your job interviews is through solid preparation. Preparation starts with the company. What are you about? What do you need? How can the position in question help you meet those needs? Or, better yet, what are you seeking in a new employee that can help you meet those needs? As you go through these questions, you’ll be able to write a thorough, accurate job description (a key factor in attracting the right candidates). You’ll also be able to go into the interview process with clarity and focus.

You should also re-prepare prior to each interview by reviewing the candidate’s submitted credentials—their CV and cover letter. Jot down some notes and keep a copy of their documents handy. This will allow you to better tailor your questions so that you’re truly getting to know the candidate as an individual.

Aim to Make a Connection

One common error made by employers is to maintain an overly formal tone in the interview setting. While it’s fine to keep things professional, a bit of warmth goes a long way. After all, everyone involved is only human. Put your interviewee immediately at ease with a kind greeting and do your best to make them feel comfortable. (Offer a beverage, ask to take their coat, etc.). When you approach the interview like this, it allows the candidate to get a small sense of feeling “at home” and it is in this mindset that he or she will be able to provide the best possible responses to your questions. In other words, you will get the best, most authentic “read” of the candidate and what it would be like to have them on your team.

Don’t Fear the Cliche Questions

Though you’ll want to adapt your interview questions for each candidate, there’s no need to start fresh with an entirely new batch of questions for each one. In fact, a list of standard queries can provide a helpful benchmark for comparing the outcome of your numerous interviews. Don’t be afraid to ask some of the more well-known interview questions that have become common over the years. For instance, “what are your strengths and your weaknesses?” As long as they provide you with the information you’re after, these “cliche” questions can be a welcome addition to your interview repertoire. Plus, receiving a unique response to these standard issue questions can show a lot about a candidate’s ability to be creative!

Provide Direction

When you finish up your interview, don’t leave your interviewee with nothing to go on. Providing closing remarks that let them know what to expect next is key. Thank your interviewee graciously for coming in to meet with you. Inform them what steps you’ll be taking next on your end (ie. more interviews to conduct, contacting references, etc) and when they can expect to hear from you. Whatever your decision may be regarding the position, be sure to contact each candidate to inform them of the results. This allows closure and gives them the opportunity to move on toward their next venture.

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