The Pros and Cons of Hiring Interns

The Pros and Cons of Hiring Interns

The Pros and Cons of Hiring Interns

  • March 03rd, 2015
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When hiring new staff for your business or organisation, you likely have considered several options: long term permanent employees, short term workers, or perhaps even labour hire. What you may not have considered as a viable staffing choice is the intern.

Typically young adults fresh out of university and looking to gain valuable career experience, interns are an option well worth considering. Utilising interns can be very rewarding and beneficial to your business, but it is not without its challenges. Today, let’s look at some of the pros and cons of hiring interns for your company.

Giving a Career Boost

One of the main pros of hiring an intern is that your business is giving that young person a much-needed career boost. For the majority of interns, you’ll be providing them an inroad into their future career or industry, helping them begin their journey on the path of employment. This is not only a positive and pleasant aspect, but also reflects well on your business as a whole, adding to your reputation as a community-minded organisation focused on supporting young people in your field.

Bring Energy & Enthusiasm To Your Business

But hiring interns doesn’t only help them, it can benefit your business, too. Interns bring fresh ideas and a vibrant new perspective to the work. They may represent a different demographic than the majority of your other employees, and can offer a distinct viewpoint or angle. Often, young people are the ones most engaged and aware of new technologies. An intern could potentially possess unique talents and skills that could be very advantageous to the work of your business.

Perhaps the greatest pro for hiring interns is that your company has the opportunity to discover “untapped labour.” In other words, choosing to hire interns means you may come across some of the best new young talent on the market. This can only mean good things for your business.

The Unpaid Internship: A Thing of the Past

One of the potential cons of hiring interns is that, while you’ve got fresh ideas and energy, you’re also paying for it. In Australia, tighter restrictions have been placed on unpaid internships, meaning the vast majority of internships must now be paid. Some employers feel that if they are going to pay employees, they would prefer paying those with the right skills and experience already under their belt, qualifications which don’t typically apply to interns. In certain circumstances and industries, it could be advisable to hire seasoned workers over interns, as this is more straightforward and can lead to less concerns regarding money and time.

Do Interns Replace Traditional Employees?

Concerns regarding money and time involve several cons of hiring interns. Because interns require a great deal of upfront and ongoing training, as well as frequent, if not constant, guidance and support, there is a time quotient to be considered. A full-time employee may need to divide his or her time to attending to the interns, which could result in “wasted” time or money. As well, an intern may not be considered as great of an asset as a traditional employee. He or she may be unable to handle the major tasks of regular employees, could potentially lack certain communication skills due to lack of real-world experience, and may not have the ability to manage crisis situations, should they arise.

Something to Consider

Pros and cons aside, you run a business, and you want that business to be successful. Though hiring and working with interns will take some time and money, in the end, you could find a gem of an intern who fits in with the company and displays growth and learning and initiative. In the end, your intern could turn into your bright new permanent employee. It seems it’s always beneficial to seek out the finest talent, in whatever capacity.

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