5 More Things Not To Say In An Interview

Things Not To Say In An Interview

5 More Things Not To Say In An Interview

Before an interview, most people spend time thinking about what they will say to their potential employers. Ideally, you want to highlight your suitability for the role, talk about your skills, your work history and express enthusiasm. But are there things that you shouldn’t’ say? Nerves have the ability to get the better of us all, and preparation is the best way to ensure that you don’t start talking nonsense when put on the spot!. A couple of years ago, we wrote a post covering what NOT to say in an interview, and we thought we’d revisit this topic with a few more suggestions of things that are better off staying in your head rather than vocalised during an interview.

  1. “I don’t know.”

If you really don’t know the answer to a question, of course it’s ok to say that you don’t know. The important thing is to not JUST say that. Follow it up with an explanation. For example, “I don’t know, but if I was in that situation I would do x,y or z to figure it out,” or “I don’t know, but I am a fast learner and always keen to increase my skills.”

  1. “When Will You Let Me Know If I’ve Got The Job?”

This is a question best left for your recruitment company. The person/s conducting the interview may not be the decision maker. They are there to assess your suitability for the role and might interpret this question as you being too confident or too pushy. It is also not uncommon for there to be a second or third round of interviews before a final decision is made. The best thing you can do at the conclusion of an interview is be polite and say something along the lines of “Thank you for your time,” or “Nice to have met you.”

  1. “How Much Is The Salary?”

If the salary hasn’t been advertised, then it will be dependent on the successful candidate’s skills and experience. It’s ok to ask your recruiter what they expect the salary to be, but an interview is your time to sell yourself, not ask about company policies or benefits. Wait until you have a job offer before negotiating specific details of your employment, including your salary.

  1. “I’m Nervous.”

It is expected that a job interview will make you nervous. If you’re stumbling over your words, announcing “sorry I’m nervous” can sometimes make you even more nervous! Confidence is key, and remember, most of the time, your nerves are mostly in your head, and other people won’t notice. Try saying “I’m really excited to be here.” This will remind you of the opportunity in front of you and might help you to relax.

  1. “What Sort Of Things Will I Be Doing?”

This can be an opportunity killer. Your potential employer will expect you to have researched the company and the advertised role. Read the job description carefully, and if the position is advertised through a recruitment company, your recruitment consultant will know the nature and scope of the role. If you want to ask more about the role in the interview, say something like “I noticed in the job description it says [insert duty here], does this also involve …”

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