Tips for Suitable Selection Criteria


Tips for Suitable Selection Criteria

  • January 19th, 2015
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What to clients look for in candidates?

Our clients at On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire represent a vast range of industries, organisation types, and business sizes. We love the variety we get to work with, and sourcing the best candidates for our clients is our number one goal.

Over the years, we’ve assisted thousands of clients in their search for top talent to fill available roles within their companies, and we’ve aided as many candidates in finding their ideal jobs. Though requirements and duties vary tremendously among client businesses, much of the time, we find our clients are looking for very similar attributes in their prospective new hires.

Qualities of the Best Candidates

Across the board, we’ve observed that our clients are seeking candidates that exhibit a great attitude, a willingness to learn, and a strong background. In any industry, those in charge of hiring know that experience isn’t everything. It is helpful when potential candidates have experience working in the field for which they’re applying, but clients say that any solid work history is an advantage, especially if the candidate seems to have crossover skills. But consistently, a positive attitude and a demonstrated work ethic are what make the best candidates stand out. This is why the interview process is so important. The best candidate may look good on paper, but it is the first impression made during an interview session that may truly tip the scales in his or her favour.

What does this mean for candidates?

Make sure to include all employment experience (and even relevant volunteer experience) in your application materials and CV. You never know the significance your past experience may have in helping to knab you that dream job. In addition, always present yourself at your best, both on paper and especially in the interview. You want to project confidence, a positive attitude, and a willingness to learn and work hard. These traits get you noticed.

What about Education & Skills?

Undoubtedly, clients are looking for top candidates who are educated and trained in their chosen field. However, many times skill is a proper substitute for educational credentials. As a candidate, be sure to tell the interviewer about your training and past job responsibilities, and always highlight the skills you believe you’re strong in. In a majority of industries, the need for computer skills is growing rapidly. If you have skills in this area, be sure to emphasise them and provide examples of the programs or applications with which you’re familiar. Again, a willingness to learn should always be expressed, and if you have a reputation as a quick learner, be sure to share that information.

Specifics for Each Business

The job description for an open position can be very eye-opening when it comes to role requirements and what is expected of the new hire. Candidates should examine this carefully to see what a client is adamant about (usually industry- specific skills, certain degrees, or prior experience with specialised software). If a candidate falls short in a few areas, this doesn’t mean he or she should not apply for this position. Rather, if you can showcase that great attitude and ambition (supplemented with a good work history and strength in certain skill areas) you may have a great shot at the job!

When you work with On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire as a candidate, we’ll always assist you in finding the best available roles to match your skills, experience, and career goals. As we are well-acquainted with each of our business clients, we may have a good idea of what company would suit you well. Working with us can be a tremendous resource, as we provide you with expert information and top connections, to help you land the best job for your career. Contact us today to get started!

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