Is Traditional Recruitment Dead?

Is Traditional Recruitment Dead?

Is Traditional Recruitment Dead?

  • May 20th, 2014
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Recruitment for new hire candidates has changed in many ways in recent years. The changing face of the recruitment scene has generally tended towards an increase in online engagement, through job hunting websites and other sources. Are more traditional methods of recruitment– such as through employment agencies or basic newspaper advertisements–losing steam?

Smart candidates don’t spread themselves too thin.

If you’re a job seeker in today’s market, you know that getting a job in most industries is more difficult and competitive than ever before. At the same time, there are more avenues for job searches and employment postings. The smartest of employment-seeking candidates know that they should not be putting all their eggs into a single basket. These bright individuals are diversifying their job search.

Websites such as and are massive job search databases. Many of those looking for work will be scanning these sites on a daily basis. They might also check less well-known websites, or local sites that advertise employment opportunities in the area. LinkedIn has become an exceedingly popular site for career-minded individuals, though typically the site is utilised more for industry networking and making connections, as opposed to hosting job advertisements. The last place many job-seekers tend to look is in a newspaper or job board, although the most keen will make a point to check these as well. In addition to these many resources, top candidates know that heading to a recruitment agency is one of the best things they can do.

Why a Recruitment Agency?

Signing up at a recruitment agency might seem like an old-fashioned method of job searching, but in truth, it is one of the most reliable methods of securing employment. When tirelessly searching job sites, a prospective employee is wasting countless hours sorting through ads that may not suit them at all, as well as sifting through phony ads and scams. This is a waste of precious time. Enlisting a recruitment agency gives a job-seeker the extra help of someone searching for jobs right alongside them. Yet the recruitment specialist knows the available positions, the needs and profile of their client companies, and details of the candidate’s job skills. The recruiter is uniquely placed to make a great match between job seeker and employer.

Job seekers should diversify, but businesses shouldn’t.

When searching for employment, it is worthwhile for a job seeker to utilise a wide variety of search engines and other methods to help find work. But for a company seeking new recruits, this is a waste of resources. Placing ads on busy, crowded websites is time-consuming and often costly. Considering advertising in the newspaper? Perhaps your notice will never be seen. It is a better, more streamlined investment for a company to put their energy into a recruitment agency. The top candidates will have already found their way to the agency, or been sourced by the recruiters, so the talent pool is full and available to the company. Despite the advances in technology, traditional recruitment methods such as using an agency have stuck around, demonstrating their true staying power. A recruitment agency matches job seekers and available opportunities with the right employers–something no online service could ever do as well.

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