The One Question That Will Transform Your Job Interviews


The One Question That Will Transform Your Job Interviews

  • September 30th, 2016
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If you’re a business owner or hiring manager, you probably know that job interviews can often be as anxiety-inducing for the interviewer as the interviewee. Why is this? Most jobseekers conclude that they are the only ones experiencing nerves, but this is not the case. Much is at stake for both parties, and both parties are hoping the interview leads to a positive outcome: the ideal solution to both their problems.

A common concern for business owners is that they might not interview properly and thus won’t deduce a thorough first impression from their candidates. Hiring experts know to get the right information in order to make the very best decision, but not every business owner is (or employs) a hiring pro. While we suggest using a qualified recruitment agency (like us!) to assist in your employment processes, we’d also love to share some helpful tips for getting top results from each and every interview. Want to know the secret for identifying the perfect candidate for your open role? We believe there is one question that you must ask: a question that will transform your job interviews.

The Question

Interviews are often full of vague questions and requests:

What is your greatest strength?

Tell us about a time you handled a conflict in the workplace.

How do you define good customer service?

These questions will certainly offer insight into a potential employee’s work ethic, habits, skills, experience, and attitude, but what do they provide that is unique? The problem with many interviews is that they focus solely on the past. Often, this merely re-emphasises the information already contained in the CV. Unfortunately, this focus on the past does not give the candidate a chance to really shine and show off their individuality. These questions are rote, sometimes even rehearsed, and generally fail to provide an opportunity for an outstanding response.

Instead, ask the following question, and watch as your interviews become far more nuanced and effective.

If hired, what will you have contributed to this company in a year?

A Focus on the Future

Is the question a loaded one? Perhaps, but it serves a solid purpose. First, this question demands that the candidate assess what makes them distinct. He must consider what benefits he will bring to the role that another individual will not. Second, the query makes the candidate consider their role as a significant contribution to the company as a whole. It takes the focus off of the individual person being interviewed, and emphasises instead the needs of the entire company. A top candidate will offer an answer that showcases their understanding of these needs and will demonstrate if they can be an invested member of the team. The response can also indicate if they’ve done their homework and truly understand the role and the organisation.

Lastly, the question is open-ended enough that it affords candidates a wonderful opportunity to get creative and craft a memorable response. Future-based questions like this one allow the candidate to dream big and show off what they may be capable of. It makes them think in a fresh way that prioritises the goals of the company. In this way, it’s an excellent question to vet the attitudes and strengths of your potential new hires.

The Start of a Partnership

The ultimate question is also the perfect chance for both employer and candidate to assess how well they feel they could work together. Addressing the idea of the entire company’s success forces the candidate to consider their place in a larger organisation—is it an organisation they would be excited to contribute to? The employer receives a better glimpse into the candidate’s personal qualities—and their ability to think on their feet. On both ends, it’s a question that invites plenty of food for thought.

Improve Your Interview Outcomes

Hoping to improve the results of your interviews? Working with a reputable recruitment agency like On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire can be a remarkable first step in enhancing your candidate interviews. As part of our permanent recruitment services, we are able to assist with or fully manage your initial interview processes. Together, we can ensure you find the ideal new employees, bringing your business exactly what it needs for success. Get in touch to discuss the best recruitment options for your business.

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