Trends in Australian Employment

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Trends in Australian Employment

  • October 28th, 2015
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Whether you are a job seeker, a hiring manager, or a business executive, staying updated on the current and projected employment trends in Australia can be of the utmost importance. Job-seeking candidates may discover newly burgeoning fields to direct their interest, while businesses can plan ahead for their upcoming needs and changes. Today, we take a look at some of 2015’s employment patterns in Australia, and glance ahead at what is possible for 2016.

Employment Generally Increasing

Much research suggests that hiring is on the rise. During a July 2015 survey by Robert Walters around 84% of Australian hiring managers in Australia say that until the end of this year, they expect to increase hiring or keep it at the same level. KPMG’s CEO Outlook Study also suggested similar trends. Of the CEOs surveyed, 85% said they felt confident in Australia’s economic future and planned tentatively to increase the number of employees in their organisation over the next several years.

Growing Fields & Careers

Areas such as professional services, healthcare, accommodation, food services, and administrative services have shown a high increase in available jobs. The majority of these are projected to continue rising in 2016-17. Other fields showing likely growth include construction, education and training, transport, and financial services, among others. Jobs that may be in particularly high demand will be nurses, carers, aides, various construction roles, engineers, health and welfare support workers, and general managers.

Needed Skills

One factor contributing to the growth of jobs in Australia is a lack of what are known as super skills, unique skill sets needed in the work of many specialist professionals. Shortages are occurring in the areas of IT, digital marketing and mobile optimisation in particular. As we move into an increasingly digital age, new positions and job requirements are constantly being developed. As a job seeker, expanding your skills in these areas may be a great way to ensure you are an in-demand candidate and capitalise on the changing employment market.

What’s Coming in 2016

Projections show that health care jobs are likely to show the most remarkable growth over the next several years. This includes physicians, nurses, and carers, among a range of other professions. While many highly-technical fields will continue to be on the rise, there is always a hefty demand for skilled labourers.

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